GOODBYE 2012...HELLO 2013

Even though my blog is still in its newborn stage, launched August 2012, I have to say it has been nothing but fun. From the wonderful women who inspired me to start my blog, the new and awesome people I've met so far, and to hopefully inspire other women along the way. Thank you to all my followers, friends and family that have shown me so much love and support on my journey into the world of plus size blogging. As 2012 comes to a close, I look forward to what the new year has in store for me and La Pecosa Preciosa.

50 Shades of Grey

When I first started shopping for trendier plus size fashion, the first store I started shopping at was Torrid. I loved their edgy, risque fashion as well as their great shoes and boots. They also cater to us wide foot and calf women and go from sizes 7-12. So with that being said, over the last 4 yrs I have bought quite a few things from them. Including this Grey Wrap Tube Dress.

Sassy Soldier Girl

When I finally went through my clothes and pulled out the winter gear, I came across this dress. I bought this like 2 yrs ago from Torrid and I loved it so much! Love the strapless design and the Army uniform look to it with the studded trim across the top. It also has pockets which is always a plus for me as well as being able to be worn for several seasons. In the summer by itself with a cute pair of sandals or the way I'm wearing it here for the winter.

Review: Firmoo Glasses

Around the beginning of the month, I received an email from an online glasses store, Firmoo to try out a pair of their glasses and review them. This was the first time I have ever been approached by a glasses company and figured, "sure, why not?" I filled out their application form and waited about a week for my glasses to arrive. Unfortunately the pair I got are currently sold out but here's a similar pair (see here).

Coo-coo Over Animal Print

If you know me, I'm a sucker for anything animal print. There isn't an article of clothing, shoes, or accessories that I can pass up if it's animal print, specifically leopard or cheetah print. I just love the way it looks with other color combos or if I'm using it to accent an outfit. You can't go wrong with it. Went through some of my pictures from my blog posts and put together a bunch of my animal print ensembles

Draping and Animal Print

For the past 3 yrs my Beau's sister throws an after Thanksgiving dinner party for a few of her friends and family that she wasn't able to spend Thanksgiving with. She's an awesome host and spares no expense when it comes to the decor, food and hospitality. It's always a wonderful and fun night. This year I decided to wear my Purple Draped Dress from Walmart (see here).

The Highly Coveted ASOS Curve Military Jacket with Studded Shoulders

As many of you plus size/curvy women out there that love ASOS.com as much as I do, were aware of the highly coveted Military Jacket with Studded Shoulders (see here). I was devastated when I finally had the money to spare, the jacket was sold out and was not going to be restocked. I was absolutely crushed, but I wasn't giving up hope. As crazy as it sounds people do return stuff to ASOS.com, so being totally obsessed with this jacket, I literally would check the website everyday to see if any were returned. Low and behold I went on the site one morning at work and it was back, I couldn't believe it. They had a size 16 and 20. I needed a 18 but I since I know ASOS stuff can tend to run big sometimes I snatched the sz 16. By the time I finished checking out the sz 20 was gone!! I still wasn't going to get crazy happy until I actually had the jacket in my hands and when I arrived to work Wednesday the package was sitting on my desk. I immediately ripped open the plastic and there it was in all it's glory, it was more beautiful in person! I tried it on and it was a perfect fit even with sizing down, it was like a dream come true. My own little Thanksgiving Miracle!

Night at the Cabaret

I went to see my friend Vanessa open up for her friend Karen Gross who's a Cabaret singer. Vanessa is a spoken word artist and goes by the name The Hebrew Mamita. She's amazing at her craft and I never miss anything she's in. So what better way to represent a cabaret show than to wear a Tuxedo Blazer with Faux Leather?

Girls Night Out

I had a fun  girls night out Friday with a few of my peeps. We all met at out favorite 2 for 1 martini place Pazza Notte (see here). They have all flavors of martinis and the food is great as well. Since we were all meeting after work I wanted to wear something that can be a day and night outfit. So I went with my Scarf Print Top (see here) and Faux Leather Pleated Skirt both from Forever 21.

Sexy in Sequins

Sunday night was the monthly comedy show they have at Creole Restaurant (website here) in my neighborhood of Spanish Harlem called Lozada Lowdown Comedy Show (see FB page here). I try to make this every month because it's always funny as hell. As usual I like to get dressed up for any outing I'm going to, so I opted with a very sparkly look. I wore my Forever21 Studded Blazer (sold out) and ASOS Curve Legging with Embellished Panel (See here).

Doggy Dog World

Saturday was just a hang out day for me and my Beau. Our usual IHOP for breakfast, then walk home so we could burn off what we ate and then just chill. I wanted to wear something casual but cute, so I went with this Collar Pleated Terrier Top (see here) and Button Front Faux Suede Skirt from Forever 21.

Peplum and Leather

I bought this dress from Ashley Stewart (currently sold out) to wear for my birhday (I'm a Halloween baby!) but unfortunately Hurricane Sandy had other plans and I didn't get to wear it. So this past Friday, I went out with my Beau to his friends b'day party and decided to wear it.

Killer Kaftan

On Fridays for work I like to get dressed up a little bit, so I pulled out my Green Paisley Kaftan Blouse from Rainbow. I paid next to nothing for this blouse and its super cute. It's made of a satiny material and the emerald color is gorgeous along with the paisley design. I get so many complements when I wear this blouse. I paired it with my Faux Leather Pencil Skirt from Forever 21.


Since we are in the voting spirit lately, I wonder if you could do me one small favor. I have been nominated for the Curvy Blog Awards along some other fantastic blogs. I could really use your help with some votes. You can only vote once a day, but you can vote for multiple blogs. So if you love me and any other blogs, you can vote for all of us. Click the pic below I AM #154

Thank you all in advance!!!

Remember #154

Birthday Weekend in Atlantic City: Part Two

Saturdays agenda consisted of The AC Aquarium, walking the boardwalk and The Legends in Concert show at the Bally's with ending the night with drinks at the Mountain Bar where it's 24hrs happy hour! The day was cloudy as the approaching Hurricane Sandy made it's way towards us. But it was still cool enough to walk on the beach. I decided to take a few shots of my outfit here.

Birthday Weekend in Atlantic City: Part One

I decided to spend the weekend before my birthday in Atlantic City with my Beau. Wanted to do something different but not spend too much money traveling some where farther. I've only been once to AC and it was many moons ago. Me and my BF aren't huge gamblers so I wanted to try and see the sights, do some shopping at the outlets, see a show and of course walk the boardwalk. I don't have many pics of the few outfits I wore because my memory card on my DSLR camera all of a sudden got messed up. Thank goodness I brought my trusty point and shoot and I also use my cellphone to take some shots as well.

Liebster Award

I'm so excited to announce that I have been nominated for my first award, The Liebster Award! I want to thank the lovely and stylish Dionne from Supersize my Fashion (click the name of the blog to check her out) for nominating me!

The Rules:

1. Thank the one who nominated you.
2. Write 11 things about yourself.
3. Nominate promising bloggers who have less than 200 followers and tag them in your post.
4. You have to give them 11 questions to answer.
5. You should not tag back.
11 Things about myself:
  1.  I am a single mom to a 16yr old son named Ethan
  2. I'm a self taught baker
  3. I am a total Harry Potter geek/fan. I've read the books (several times) and have the audio versions on my iPod and listen to them often
  4. I despise mayonnaise
  5. I love my freckles
  6. My birthday is on Halloween and love to collect anything Halloween related
  7. I adore dogs of any shape, size and color 
  8. I have a very good singing voice but only sing in front of people if I've been drinking
  9. I love that I live in Spanish Harlem, NYC
  10. I have a love/hate relationship with my unruly curly hair
  11. I've been coloring my hair red for so long, that some people actually think I'm a true red head lol

My answers to the questions given to me by Dionne:

1. What inspired you to start your own blog?
When I came across Gabifresh and Nicolette Mason's blogs. They were such an inspiration to us plus size women and show us that no matter what your size, always be confident. So I did!
2. What are your favorite places to shop?
Forever 21, ASOS, Torrid
3. What's your guilty pleasure?
Jersey Shore
4. When getting dressed, is there an item you build the rest of your outfit around? If so, what is it?
Yes, it's usually my Cropped Military Blazer, (seen here) I always want to wear it but I know I can't lol
5. What do you usually wear on your day off, around the house?
It depends. I'm usually with my boyfriend on the weekends so I like to dress up but if I'm home I'm usually in my pj's.
6. Favorite thing to do in your spare time?
Isn't it obvious? SHOPPING!!! lol!
7. Single, in love, engaged or married?
Totally taken and in love with my boyfriend Eric of almost 3yrs
8. What's your favorite movie?
Ugh! it's so hard to pick just one but I'll have to say Clueless
9. Is there a saying or phrase you live by? If so, what is it?
Carpe Diem
10. If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?
World Peace (corny but true) Wealth, and three more wishes lol
11. If you had an opportunity to style a celebrity (female), who would you style?
America Ferrera
I'm nominating:
  1. Alissa from The Adored Life
  2. Lindsey from Know Better Now
  3. Leslie from La Mujer Decente
  4. Monica from Thirty Something Chic
  5. Karen Allen from Hablamos Fashion
  6. Rebecca Perez from Justbecca's Vintage Jewelry
  7. Tatianna from Style Remaining Fashion Fading
My questions for you:
  1. What inspired you to start your own blog?
  2. What's your all time favorite food?
  3. What did you want to be when you grew up?
  4. What can't you live without?
  5. Do you like twitter or facebook better?
  6. What is one thing you do everyday that makes you happy?
  7. What is your dream vacation ?
  8. What shows do you enjoy watching?
  9. What is your biggest pet peeve?
  10. What is your favorite pastime?
  11. What is your fav song?
Thanks again to Dionne for nominating me and I hope you enjoyed getting to know me better!
Until next time Lovies
~ La Pecosa Preciosa

Military Chic

I love eBay for shopping and finding different and unique things. You can also find clothing from past seasons that people are selling which I think is great! I scored this adorable dress from Forever 21 as well as my favorite Cropped Military Blazer from Torrid off of eBay.. The dress is a great fit and love the tiered design which makes it very cowgirl looking. The blazer is another piece that I wish I could wear everyday, and was so happy when I found it on eBay. Makes me feel like I should be part of a marching band lol. The shimmery gold stripes on the shoulders, sleeves and front make it all the more lavish looking. So it gave my simple burnt orange dress a touch of fancy.

From day to night

Friday night I met up with my home girl at one of our fav happy hour spots. Since I was meeting her after work, I wanted to wear something that could go from day to night. I went with a Chiffon Animal Print Dress from Ashley Stewart. I adore the beautiful watercolor animal print as well as the color combo. It also has an elastic waistband for added stretch. For work, I added my Blue Shawl Lapel Blazer from Forever 21 to have a more conservative look.

OOTD: Ferociously Furry

Yesterday searching through my Fall clothing, I came across my favorite Cropped Fur Trim Cardigan from Torrid. I haven't worn it in forever, so I decided to put together an outfit just so I can wear it! This cardigan is adorable, if I could wear it with all my outfits, I would lol. It has a a single button, 3/4 sleeves and made of the softest material. The fur collar gives any outfit a touch of posh.

Look what I found!

When I was packing my bag for my usual weekend with my Beau, I decided to go digging in some of my fall clothing. What's good about digging is you come across stuff you forgot you had. Like this Kimono Blouse and skinny jeans from Fashion to Figure that I bought last year. I love the colors, the blue, red and black makes the this top pop and the plunge line gives a more sexy appeal to it. The smocking in the middle enhances your waist and shows off more of your curves as well. The jeans are also a great fit and they hold up well after a few wears.

OOTD: Courageously Camouflage

I was very excited when I scored this Camouflage Blazer and Felicia Cognac Fur Trim Wedge Boots both from Torrid off of eBay. I normally don't fall into the whole bidding war thing because you could get carried away and spend way too much money on something. But I wasn't going to lose out on these two items and ended up getting them both for pretty good prices.

Be an inspiration

Before I decided to start a plus size blog, I spent hours reading them. It was so much fun reading all the other fantastic blogs and getting to know the women behind them. I swooned over their photos, loved each individuals personal style and what an inspiration they were to the plus size community. 

Since then, I have been inspired by many of my fellow bloggers to start my own blog. And I have to say it has been nothing but pure enjoyment. Despite my short time as a plus size blogger, I have already obtain a bit of a fan base and could only hope it keeps growing. It's a very rewarding feeling when someone tells you that they were inspired by one of your outfits or took your advice on a store that I reviewed and was very pleased with their purchase. I get inspired everyday by other plus size/curvy bloggers and wanted to feature  three of my  favorite ones.

OOTN: Ain't nothing but a Houndstooth!

Friday was my friend Vanessa's birthday and she was having it at one of my favorite happy hour restaurants Pazza Notte. They have 2 for 1 martinis ALL day! It was unseasonably cold in NYC on Friday so I actually had to wear a coat. I was very excited because my outfit for the night consisted of all new pieces! I pulled out my Belted Wool Cape from Walmart, my Houndstooth Blazer from Ashley Stewart along with my Pleated Faux Leather Skirt from Forever 21.

Do you believe in fate?

I saw this blouse a while back at Forever 21 and I really liked it. I loved the delicate pearl color and the pretty sequins trim on the V-neckline. As usual I picked up way too many pieces of clothing and realized I needed to put some stuff back. Unfortunately this blouse was one of the items I put back on the racks. I sadly said goodbye to the blouse and made my way to the checkout. About 3 weeks I made my weekly visit to Forever 21 and I happened to come across the blouse again, and in the sale section no less! I jumped for joy ( yes, I literally jumped for joy lol), couldn't believe that it was there. It was obviously fate, and it was meant for me to have this blouse. I quickly found my size and happily made my way to the checkout (with like 4 other things from the sale section!)

OOTD: Charismatic Cheetah

As you probably know by now, I'm crazy over anything animal print. So when I saw this Dress in Old Navy, I snatched it up quick! This is a great dress with all my fav features, 3/4 sleeves that can be rolled up to be made shorter, above knee length, split neckline and it has pockets. Not to mention the price was great too.

H&M, why would you do this to me???

Monday after work I took a walk to 34th street and decided to go into H&M to check out their plus size line. I read a few reviews about the line off of some of the other plus size blogs and it didn't get very good reviews. This was very disappointing because I love so many things from H&M's straight line.I was hoping they did the same for the plus line, but unfortunately the reviews were true. I pretty much hated everything there! The clothes looked like it was designed for someone shaped like a square. There were no shaping, contouring, or structure to the clothes what so ever, and the styles were very old lady looking. They obviously didn't follow any current trends to create their pieces.

So after rummaging through the horribly displayed clothes, I came across this blush color blazer in the sale section. I've been looking for a blush blazer for a while and for $20, I couldn't say no! To add insult to injury, H&M also doesn't know how to size their clothing. All they had left of this blazer was size 24, so I decided to try it on and to my surprise it fit me perfectly. That's 3 sizes bigger than my normal size!

OOTD: Lace and Leather

I was finally meeting up with my good friend Vanessa to attend a comedy show in my neighborhood. I wanted to wear something dressy but casual so I decided to go with a color block look. I bought this Contrast Lace Yoke Shirt from Forever 21 a while ago and didn't know what I wanted to wear it with. This gave me the opportunity to finally wear my Plum Faux Leather Pants also from Forever 21.

It's all about the boobs!

This past Saturday was a Breast Cancer Fundraiser in my Beau's Mother's honor. I unfortunately never got to know her because she past away a week before me and my boyfriend met. I've been with Eric for almost 3yrs and from the many stories I've heard from my Beau, his siblings and family, she was an amazing woman. It's sad that I didn't get to know but she left behind her wonderful Son who I have been blessed to have in my life.

Fall Fashion Finds

Yesterday I was doing a mental inventory of my Fall clothing and realized that I don't have a lot of things. I definitely need some new boots, some stylish outerwear, and a  few new fall dresses. So I started scouring the web looking at some of my favorite stores to see what they had out there. I have been trying to look for plus size fashion in stores that I normally don't shop from. Here are a few stores I browsed.

My first stop was Ashley Stewart and I was surprised to find quite a few thing that I actually liked. I have an Ashley Stewart up the block from where I live and whenever I go in there I don't find anything I like. Sometimes their selection in the stores can be overly colorful. But their online selection was much better, here's what I found...

Giving in to Jeans

If you've been reading my posts, you'll know I am not a fan of Fall or Winter. I love summer days, where I can just throw on a dress, a pair of sandals and call it a day. I'm a dress girl, I have no problem wearing one everyday of the year. But unfortunately Old Man Winter likes to throw a monkey wrench on that situation. So last Sunday I gave in and wore a pair of jeans.

OOTD: Safari Chic

When I was looking for outfits to wear this weekend, I happen to come across this dress. I'd forgotten that I had it since it was stuck under a pile of a hundred other dresses lol. For the first day of Fall,  it was unseasonably warm out, which gave me an opportunity to wear this Khaki Shirt Dress from Rainbow.

OOTD: Awesome Aqua

On Friday's I normally like to get dressed up for work because I usually see my Beau in the evening and I like to look pretty for him :o). This Friday I decided to go with this Aqua Ruffled Sleeve Dress from Torrid. I wanted this dress the minute I saw it on the website but since I'm Miss Frugal, I decided to wait to purchase it. So glad I did because it went on sale and I got the dress for $19.99!


I'm very excited to report that I had my first blog feature on Sofrito for your soul! This is an awesome blog owned by my friend George 'Urban Jibaro' Torres. Sofrito for your Soul touches many areas, such as, community, culture, art and music, food, lifestyle, health, and technology. George is an amazing and talented individual who has an immense love of our Latino culture. He is very adamant about putting us Latinos on the map in any way possible. As well as being a huge believer in promoting and supporting other talented Latinos on his blog like artists, musicians, poets, writers, and of course other bloggers.

 He's also partnered up with a long time friend, Juan 'Papo Swiggity' Santiago, in 2007 to create CAPICU! Cultural Showcase. It combines our community building abilities to produce diverse poetry and performing arts events in New York City using the philosophies of the most progressive intellectual and artistic movements of the last century (i.e. The Harlem Renaissance, the Beat Poets & most notably the Nuyorican Movement). CAPICU! Cultural Showcase also produces RADIO CAPICU, the first live Latino talk radio show on the Internet where important topics relevant to the Latino community are discussed and debated.George was also recently featured in USA Today - Hispanic Living Magazine as "6 Bloggers to Watch" (goes on sale Monday). 

Harlem World

If you read my first blog post La Pecosa Preciosa (The Precious Freckle Face), you'd know I was born and raised in Spanish Harlem, NY. Where I live is actually the borderline between Spanish Harlem and Harlem. I love living here, love the people, the culture and the history of both Spanish Harlem and Harlem. My niece suggested I take a few pics by a spot she came upon one day looking for her friend. 

 My eldest niece April (I have 3 nieces) who is a photographer (check out her website here) was kind enough to lend me her Nikon D70 digital camera until whenever. I was so excited, it was like Christmas came early! Now I can take better quality pictures for my blog. She was also kind enough to take a few pics of me today outside around my neighborhood.

A Few Goodies

Just wanted to share a quick post with you guys and show you a few goodies I got from Forever 21. I wanted to get some more statement necklaces cause I realized I didn't have many. Since I have long wild curls that tend to hide my earrings at times, I figure I can wear more bold necklaces and skip out on earrings from time to time. I'm loving each necklace I got and can't wait to coordinate them with an outfit.

OOTN: Simply Sparkling

I love anything denim, especially in dresses because it's like a blank canvas waiting for you to add some color to it! I adore this Z. Cavaricci Couture Denim Rhinestone Tube Dress from Torrid. I found this baby on Ebay, of all places and was so glad when I won it. The rhinestone trimming on the bust and pockets are totally awesome. It makes the dress so much more kick ass than it already is. The denim has spandex in it so it hugs you in all the right places. Also the fact that it has pockets is an added plus for me because I love a dress with pockets.
I went out with my Beau Saturday night for a friends birthday and thought this dress would be great to wear.  I went with my Forever 21 Blue Blazer, along with my Snake skin Wedges from Kenneth Cole, and my snake skin belt and clutch from Target. I accented it with Chandelier earrings from H&M, and this cute Love bangle from Forever 21.

OOTD: Delishly Denim

I normally spend the weekends with my Beau because that's when he's off from work. Saturday mornings/afternoons we've come into a routine of going to Ihop for breakfast. Since we had plans later on that evening to go out for a friends birthday dinner, I had to have 2 outfits prepared. One for the day and one for the evening. I decided to throw on something simple because I knew I wouldn't be wearing it long and didn't want to waste a perfectly good outfit. 

I went with this Denim Shirt Dress from Torrid. It is literally the softest denim I've ever felt and super comfortable on. The dress has 3/4 sleeves but can be folded up and buttoned to make it a short sleeve if you want. This was another one of my Ebay finds and I have to say that I found myself wanting to wear this dress often. 

I added my Snake Skin Belt from Target, Turquoise hoop earrings and necklace from Forever 21, my Turquoise toggle clasp bracelet that my Beau gave me and my Turquoise bead thong sandals from Alloy.com

OOTD: I Shall Wear White After Labor Day!

 I'm so not ready to give up summer yet! It's my favorite time of the year, the fashion is fabulous, and I don't have to worry about wearing enclosed shoes. Everyone's heard of the Fashion rule "no white after labor day", right? Well I looked the Fashion Police in the face and I said "Nay to that!" I will wear white because, umm, I dont' follow rules!

I ordered this dress from ASOS.com immediately after wearing the black and white version (check out post here) because I loved it so much. I love the soft stretch jersey material and the Sea Green color is stunning. I decided to wear my White Eyelet Jacket from Torrid since it's been cool this week in NYC.

I Will Always Be Forever 21

As I've mentioned before, I work in the heart of Times Square. It can be a fun area to work but it hasn't been that fun on my wallet! If you know the area, you know that there's tons of stores. My favorite place to shop in Times Square is Forever 21 since my wardrobe consist of 80% of their clothing. They have one of the largest ones in New York City with 4 glorious floors of clothing. It's also the only location with the F21 Plus line, nicely placed on the 2nd floor. Their plus size line can also be found on the website and they usually have a lot more stuff there than in the actual store.

I love F21 because they always have fun, trendy and stylish fashions for great prices. Since I'm more of a dress wearing type of girl, this works in my favor. They have some of the cutest dresses and you usually won't pay no more than $28 for it. I would definitely try things on before purchasing because I've found that some of their stuff isn't true to size. But once you've found your right size, it's easy shopping from there! They also have some of the best jewelry, pretty much all my earrings are from there. The prices are incredible and the range of styles are endless, there's something for everyone. Here are some pics that I took of the store in Times Square.

To heel or not to heel? That is the question!

As much as I love heels and the way they can make any outfit look fantastic, I have come to terms that the Feet Gods did not bless me with heel wearing feet. Unfortunately I've been cursed with wide feet. Now don't get me wrong, I can do some heels, preferably in 1 to 3 in. heel range, some platform and a block or cone shape heel. I need a shoe with stability, anything higher than 3 inches can get tricky.

My style of dressing is very simple but elegant and most often doesn't require me to wear high heels but on occasion I might want to wear something that would look a lot prettier with a high heel shoe. Lucky enough I have discovered shoes from Torrid. I've been shopping here for years but never ventured into the world of their heels.

OOTD: Purplicious

I was shopping one day in the East River Mall where I live and decided to stop by the Old Navy store. I don't shop here as often as I use to because they haven't had many nice dresses in a while. But I happened to come across this pretty purple ruffle front dress and to my surprise it was on sale! I normally don't buy clothes in this color but in this style of dress I thought it looked so pretty. You could definitely dress it down with a pair of cute sandals or dress it up like I did here.

It's starting to get a little brisk here in NY so I wore my Black Crop cardigan also from Old Navy with my ASOS Curve Bow Waist Belt, Chandelier earrings and Croco Clutch from Forever 21. I accented it with my gold bangle that was gifted to me from Africa and my Rainbow Snakeskin Patterned Open Toe Heels from Torrid.

A Leopard in Times Square

Working in Times Square has it's ups and downs. My poor wallet will never be the same since I am walking distance from a huge Forever 21 store and to top it off they carry the F21 Plus line there! So of course I'm there pretty often. But yesterday I went down there with my son Ethan to finish buying his school supplies and have some dinner at Dallas BBQ's, one of his fav places to eat. Little did he know he was going to be my photographer for the day. After much protesting and griping, he managed to take these pics for me. He did a pretty good job lol.

I'm wearing my Leopard Secretary Blouse from Torrid, Faux suede button front skirt from F21, Bug Belt from ASOS Curve, Leopard Print Dante Sandal by Sam Edelman and I accented it with my vintage Coach shoulder bag, earrings from Fashion to Figure and my gifted Gold Bangle from Africa.

Fancy Friday

Since the summer is coming to an end so quickly, I've been trying to wear as many of my summer dresses as possible. I can dress pretty casual at my job, definitely not corporate attire required but I opted to wear this Turquoise and black chiffon dress from Forever21. I got lucky one day when I stopped by the F21 store by my job in Time Square. It was the only one there hanging on a rack of miscellaneous stuff from the plus size line. I believed it was a return because there wasn't any others around. So I immediately grabbed it and headed for the check out line. I paired it with my Black Patent Leather System Heels and belt from Torrid, along with Turquoise stone bracelet (gifted to me by my Beau for Mother's Day), Turquoise color earrings and Black Croco Clutch from F21. 

Material Girl

Yesterday I had the pleasure seeing  Madonna at Yankee Stadium. My BFF Jamie had an extra ticket and ask me to go! I haven't been to a concert since back in the 80's when I was obsessed with the Puerto Rican boy band called Menudo lol. So you can imagine my excitement! My first thought was "What am I going to wear?!".

I decided to wear my Floral Dress with Peter Pan Collar from Forever21. Its super comfortable and dainty looking. I added my ASOS Curve plate Detail Skinny Belt for some contrast and I paired it with my F21 earrings, Black chain clutch and my fav sandals that I bought at a local store.

Jamie is a huge fan of Madonna and has been to several of her concerts so she knows the ropes. She informed me that its best to get there around 9ish because Miss Madonna never starts on time and she was right! She didn't start til after 10pm! Our seats weren't the best but we could the see huge monitors pretty clearly. It was a cool experience and not only was it my first Madonna concert but my first time being in the new Yankee Stadium (not a sports fan). All in all it was a great night!

Feathering Heights

Since the weather report predicted a gloomy Labor Day, I decided I'd stay in. I did a bit of cleaning, washed a few loads of laundry, blogged, and even prepared some back to school stuff for my son Ethan who is entering the 11th grade. Towards the late afternoon I got a text from my friend Leslie asking me to meet her at El Paso Taqueria for some $6.00 margaritas. I'm a sucker for Mexican food and this is one our favorite spots in my neighborhood (Spanish Harlem), so obviously I couldn't say no!

The Highs and Lows

Sunday I met up with one of my besties Leslie after her shift at Stand 4 Restaurant. We decided to have a some Happy Hour drinks and some eats at one of my favorite spots Vapiano. I love this place, it's Italian cuisine and its a cafeteria style restaurant. You must try their Chicken Pesto Pizza!

OOTD: Flower Power

Saturday I was invited by my cousin Linda to a BBQ at her in-laws house. I love going to her husbands family house because his aunt sure knows how to throw a shindig! Since the summer is winding down, I've been trying to wear as many of the dresses that I bought before the weather starts to get cooler. So I opted for this ASOS Curve Summer Dress with cut out waist. It's an adorable, fun and playful dress with such great color. The middle of the dress has this beautiful cut out waist that gives it the perfect amount of delicacy. I accented it with my Fossil flower straw bag, a pair of  F21 earrings, my fav Islamic Stone Necklace from Metropolitan Museum of Art Store (I use to work there ^_^) and my beige sandals from a local store.

A Stroll Through The Park

Yesterday was such a beautiful day out and unfortunately I spent the majority of it at work. But I decided after work I would take my dog Skittles out for a stroll in Central Park. I am very lucky to live only 5 blocks away from the park. I also called my niece April, who is also a fabulous photographer (check out her website) to join me for my stroll. To my surprise, April had her camera with her and was kind enough to take a few shots of my outfit yesterday....oh yea and Skittles too! 

The dress I'm wearing is from Forever21 Plus and I am loving it! The beautiful sequins on the top makes this dress look so elegant, yet I'm still able to dress it down if necessary. A great day to night piece The skirt part of the dress is adorable and super flouncy. It made me want to twirl around all day! I added my favorite gold turtle belt from ASOS.com (available here), along with my Python sling back platforms from Torrid (ebay score!) and accented the outfit with my a pair of Forever 21 earrings and my Python design bangle from Mango.

Skimlinks Test