Fall Fashion Finds

Fall Fashion Finds

Yesterday I was doing a mental inventory of my Fall clothing and realized that I don't have a lot of things. I definitely need some new boots, some stylish outerwear, and a  few new fall dresses. So I started scouring the web looking at some of my favorite stores to see what they had out there. I have been trying to look for plus size fashion in stores that I normally don't shop from. Here are a few stores I browsed.

My first stop was Ashley Stewart and I was surprised to find quite a few thing that I actually liked. I have an Ashley Stewart up the block from where I live and whenever I go in there I don't find anything I like. Sometimes their selection in the stores can be overly colorful. But their online selection was much better, here's what I found...

My next store was the  Walmart website. I found some cute things here as well and the prices were great! Here's what I found...

 The next website I looked at was Lane Bryant. Normally the only thing I purchase from them are my panties and bras which I love and been buying them from there for years. But I tend to find their clothing over priced for the quality of the clothes. If I'm lucky to score one of their sales or get an email with a discount code I'll purchase something. Here's what I found there...

My last store that I browsed was Old Navy. I noticed they had their Rock Star Skinny Jeans on sale for $19, so decided to order a few pairs. Also found some cute boots with the wider calf width option as well.


 I'm sure I'll keep searching the web for more Fall Fashions because you could never have enough and I'm a shopaholic lol. 

What are you looking at for Fall? I would love to hear what you have your eyes on!

Until next time Lovies!
~ Sandra

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