April 2013

My Tutu and the Brooklyn Bridge

Hi Lovies!

If you're a girly girl like me, then you must squeal like a one when you hear the word "tutu". There's something so magical and whimsy about a tutu skirt. It brings me back to my childhood days when all I wanted to be was a princess. I've been searching for the perfect tutu for a while and saw a few out there in the blogisphere but nothing that caught my eye. Until I saw the one that the fabulous Kim from the blog The Natural Fashionista was wearing. I knew right when I saw it that that was the one I wanted! 

The "Cape" Crusader

Hi Lovies!

If you live in the NY area, then you are fully aware that Mother Nature is being very bi-polar with the weather and doesn't want us to enjoy spring. The only advantage to this unseasonable weather is that I can rock some of my capes, like the one I'm wearing here. I adore wearing capes and own about 4 but this one is my favorite. I got this little gem for the mere price of $27 at Walmart.com during the winter. It also came in black, which I got, as well as red. I get so many compliments and lookers whenever I wear this cape. I love that it's a belted cape because some capes can tend to make you bigger than you are. The belt gives you a slimmer, more put together look. Plus whenever I wear a cap, I feel very Sherlock Holmes-ish lol. Love anything that makes me feel like I'm in England

Classically Cobalt

Hi Lovies!

I've said this before but I am definitely drawn to the color blue, of any shade. But lately I've noticed that I can't pass up anything in the color cobalt. I just love the rich vibrant color and how it looks with my skin tone, as well as the many color combinations you can mix and match with it. Of course the color combination I chose to go with the was something leopard print (that's a no brainer lol). I mean, ya can't go wrong with leopard print, right???

Sexy Varsity Girl

Hi Lovies!

I first saw this sexy varsity look on the fabulous Chasity from the blog Garnerstyle. She did a celebrity style capture with a look Kim Kardashian did. I also saw this look on another fantastic blogger Margie from the blog MargiePlus, who pulled off the sexy varsity look great. Then yesterday I saw the awesome Nicolette Mason wearing almost the same outfit I put together here on her blog. I instantly fell in love with the look and definitely needed a varsity jacket in my wardrobe.

"Look What Margie Found" Review

Hello my Lovies!

A while back ago I gave my blogger card to a good friend of mine and she proceeded to tell me she had an aunt Margie that sells really beautiful jewelry. Her website is called "Look What Margie Found". She passed my card to Margie, who in turn reached out to me. She was super sweet, complimented me on my blog and how much of an inspiration it was. Margie is an older plus size woman but with a youthful style. She loved my blog so much that she was kind enough to send me several different pieces to try out and review.


Hi Lovies!

Next to leopard/cheetah print, my next favorite is reptile print. So when I saw  these snake print skinny jeans at Torrid.com, I couldn't pass them up! I was happy to find that they were on sale and available in my size as well. I have to say that these jeans fit very well. They had just enough stretch for comfort and were fitted from the thigh down to the ankle. The jeans were of a lighter material which is good if I want to wear them in the warmer months

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Hello my Lovies!

I love Sundays, especially when I get to spend them with my Beau. He decided to take Sunday off from work so we could hang out and also watch Wrestlemania later that night! (Don't judge us!) We had brunch, walk around the neighborhood and just had a relaxed day. Sunday is my casual day, I like to wear something simple but cute. So what could be more simple than a cute top, color jeans and a moto jacket?!

A Hint of Red

Hello my Lovies!

I have never been a huge fan of wearing the color red, I just don't think it goes well with my skin tone. But I will rock accessories in shades of red for a pop of color to an outfit. I particularly love red with anything leopard/cheetah print, it just adds a rich look to an ensemble.

Blush and Turquoise

Next to Forever 21, ASOS.com is my next favorite store to buy from. Everything about their Curve line is spot on with trends and styles, you can never go wrong with them. For some people (like me!), ASOS might be more on the expensive side but their sale section is where I mostly shop. They always have great deals there. So when I saw this Skater Dress with Twist Neck for $26.00, I jumped on it immediately. 

Cowgirl Chic

I can't say enough about how much I love anything leopard print, but I'm also a bit of a freak over denim as well. So of course I decided to put both of my favorites together and came up with this outfit! When I first saw this denim dress from Forever 2, I immediately purchased it! I'm glad that I did because it sold out pretty quickly on the website. I have one other denim shirt dress from Torrid but this one had more of a flared skirt and distressed look to it. I also love that it has smocking in the back for extra space and snap button closure are great.

Nordstrom's Faux Fur

When I first this fur on the beautiful Tanisha from Girl with Curves, I died and came back to life because I had to have it! When I went purchase it, of course it was sold out but to my luck they had it available in the plus size version on sale! This coat is so chic and elegant, you would never know it was faux. It's made so well and the fur is super soft, comfortable and warm. Since Easter Sunday was gloomy and a chilly, I figured this would probably be my last chance (hmm..maybe?) to wear this coat. I decided to depict Tanisha and her stunning outfit from her blog post Luxe Layers. I decided to change up her look and add my own style to it with leopard print and green accessories.

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