June 2013

Wonder Lee 123 Bow Ties

Hi Lovies!

Wednesday night I attended the "Curves at Sea" All White Cruise for FFFWeek and I wore a personalized  bow tie that said "Blogger" made out of a Scrabble board and tiles. I can not tell you how many compliments and admirers I got that night, everyone just loved it so much! So as I promised, I'm letting all my readers and followers know where I got it from and where you can get one too!

FFFWEEK Day 3: "Curves at Sea" All White Sunset Cruise

Hi Lovies!!

FFFWeek is in full swing now and I've been swooning over all the pictures on facebook and Instagram from the different events. Yesterday I attended the "Curves at Sea" All White Sunset Cruise and all I have to say is WOW! It was such a wonderful event, filled with beautiful women of all colors, shapes and sizes! We got to sail around the city and enjoy it's picturesque views well into the evening, ending the cruise with sailing by Lady Liberty. I got to meet more of my favorite bloggers, some that traveled as far as Australia, England, France and Germany! I also got to hang out again with some other blogger that I made friends with at the Ashley Stewart Blogger Breakfast. Not to mention rubbing elbows with the many plus size models that were there, including the beautiful Rosie Mercado from the show "Curvy Girls". It was a night filled with awesome people, dancing, drinking, picture taking, networking and just having fun. Can't wait til next year!

FFFWEEK: All White, Don't Care!

Hi Lovies!

Yesterday was Day 3 of FFFWeek and I attended the "Curves at Sea" All White Cruise. For a lot of us plus size women, wearing white can be challenging, especially with the myth that wearing white makes you look bigger. Since I've been blogging and also reading many of the other inspirational plus size blogs, I've definitely learned to be more body confident and comfortable in my own skin. There shouldn't be any reason not to wear something if you like it. My motto is "if you like it, wear it!" So I welcomed the whole wearing "all white" with opened arms. 

FFFWEEK: Ashley Stewart Blogger Breakfast

Hi Lovies,

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending the kick off to Full Figured Fashion week, the Ashley Stewart Bloggers Breakfast. This is my first time attending FFFWeek, so it was all new to me, but it was such an experience! Since I got there early, we had to hang in the lobby of the hotel that the event was taking place at but this gave me the opportunity to meet some of favorite bloggers that I have been idolizing since I started blogging almost a year ago. Each and every one of them was unique in their own way, so amazingly sweet and down to earth. It truly felt like I was meeting a celebrity for the first time. 

Modcloth "Elegance for All" Pop-up Shop Event

Hi Lovies,

Last Friday I had the pleasure of attending the Modcloth "Elegance for All' Pop-up Shop event. They were celebrating their new plus size collection, which was a total delight! Everything was so prim and pretty, I literally wanted to buy everything I saw but I restrained myself to just one skirt. They were also offering cute little cupcakes and champagne to everyone as well. The place was pack with women swooning over all the gorgeous clothing, chatting, trying on clothes and just enjoying the moment. As for my outfit, I decided to go with a dress that was very Modcloth looking, my white and black polka skater dress from Pay/Half, I paired it with my cropped tuxedo jacket from Forever 21 and my Fringed Booties from ASOS.

Eshakti Promo Code

If you loved this dress (seen here) and tutu skirt (seen here) that I posted on my blog, well they could be yours! The folks at eShakti gave me a promo code to pass on to my followers for $40 off your first purchase with them. I don’t know if you've ever heard of the website but they have some beautiful dresses as well as tops, skirts and jackets, sizes 0-36. The great thing about them is that they do customization on all their clothing. You can send them your measurements for perfect fitting clothing! I own 3 pieces from them and I love each one, really great quality and workmanship goes into every piece. To get the discount, just use the promo code ANEG40NE FOR $40 off your purchase! I'm telling ya, you won't regret it! 

Captivating in Coral

Hi Lovies!

When you're a shopaholic (like myself), you tend to forget what you have in your wardrobe due to the abundance of clothing you've accumulated. As I said in a previous post (see here), I recently swapped my winter wardrobe to summer and came across a bunch of dresses I forgot I had. This Lace and Tulle dress being one of them that I bought from ASOS last April. I have to admit I think I wore this dress only once since I bought it and I don't know why? The coral color is amazing and so vibrant, it just screams summer and the fact that it has both lace and tulle is an added plus. 

Gold and Chiffon

Hi Lovies,

This past Sunday, I endured the grueling task of swapping my winter wardrobe to my summer wardrobe. It literally took almost all Sunday to do this but now that it's done I feel at ease. In the process of sorting out my clothes, I noticed that I've accumulated quite a few pieces in chiffon, mostly dresses. One of them, that I  totally forgot I had, is this ASOS Curve Twist Neck Skater Dress. I love this dress and all it's chiffon cuteness, loved it so much I also bought it in the Jade version (see here).

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