August 2017

One Style, Three Ways: Eloquii Maxi Split Back Shirt

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Hi Lovies,

Recently, Gwynnie Bee asked me to be a part of their "One Style, Three Ways"' feature that they post monthly on their blog. This feature is so fun and I was lucky enough to have participated 2 other times (see here and here). If you're not familiar with this feature, Gwynnie Bee chooses 3 women to style the same piece. It's great to see the different styles between the 3 women and what they come up with. This time around we were asked to style this Eloquii Maxi Split Back Shirt. This is definitely something I wouldn't gravitate towards at first glance. While I am a sucker for a white button shirt, I was a little intimidated by this one. Until I received the top in the mail and that all changed. I immediately fell in love with how delicate it was, super comfy and easy to wear. The split back and long line design added such an edgy twist to the classic white shirt. While the sheer fabric made it perfect for the summer. This shirt has endless style possibilities!

1920's Chic

Hi Lovies,

I've said it many times that I was born in the wrong era, while I love being a 70's baby, my heart belongs to a different time period. I long to have been around when women only wore dresses, petticoats and corsets. Besides wanting to be Laura Ingles from Little House on the Prairie, I was also fascinated with the 1920's. It was the decade in which fashion entered the modern age and women abandoned restrictions. All the glitz and glam of that time period and the clothing was just amazing. Cloche hats, flapper dresses, over the top accessories and drop waists were such iconic fashion for that time. When I saw this Tie Neck Drop Waist Dress, I was immediately transported to the 1920's. The gorgeous bold turquoise color along with the ruffled sleeves and hem was just stunning. The tie neck added such a cute and dainty appeal to the dress as well as the tie waist for added structure. I got so many compliments on this when I wore it, such a great all occasion dress. So if you're a fan of 1920's fashion, then you want to have this dress in your closet.

Ruffled Maxi

Hi Lovies,

I have discussed many times on my blog how I can be a creature of habit with my fashion. You get comfortable with what works and don't step out the box to try something new. Lately I have been giving a few fashion trends a try and loving them. You guys know I take any opportunity to show off my legs, whether it be a skirt or dress, I prefer them to be at the knee length. So that means maxi dresses or skirts were outta the question in my book. I always admire women who could pull them off so gracefully without looking like an old lady lol. Well guess what?, I am one of those women now. This summer I've tried a few maxi dresses and love how they look on me. Since I am taller they look great on me and they suit my body type well. This Printed Maxi Dress from Sangria has definitely converted me. The vibrant floral color is just beautiful and perfect for summer. I love that it gives me a hint of sexy with the wrap plunge neckline. The chiffon type fabric is easy to wear even on the hotter days and adds a delicacy to the dress while still remaining feminine with the ruffled hem. Great for those summer weddings or special occasions. So if you're looking for a dress that makes a statement and want to venture into maxi dresses, then look no further!


The Golden Hour

Hi Lovies,

If you're following me on social media, then you know I was in Atlanta for the TCF Style Expo. I had the best time, it was such a good conference. Stay tuned for a vlog of the trip soon to come. Atlanta is definitely a great city and when they say "Hotlanta" they really mean it. The whole weekend was hot and humid and pushing my hair to the limit. While packing for the trip I knew that I wanted to look chic but also be comfy and cool. Saturday was one of the hottest days so I reached for the coolest outfit I had. My obsession with off the shoulder/peasant style dresses hasn't stopped and this Off the Shoulder Embroidered Sleeve Dress (Currently $24!!) from the Avenue was a saving grace that day. The sleeves on this dress were such a show stopper, with the beautiful embroidery bell style. Loved the comfy fabric that kept me cool throughout the day. While this may be too short for some, I actually liked it, I take any chance to show off my legs! I can see myself wearing this well after summer as well with a pair of jeans underneath for a funky twist. It's just a great dress for the season that looks good on just about anyone.

A Diamond in the Rough

Hi Lovies,

There are times that you go on a website just "browse" with no intention of buying anything. I do that a lot, I browse, fill my cart up with stuff but never hit the order button. It's sorta like therapy for me I think, something to feel my fashion soul desire lol. Forever 21 is one of those websites that I use to religiously purchase from when I first got into blogging. At the time I was 2 sizes smaller and there wasn't much option as far as brands or sites to shop from. Plus back then, Forever 21 actually had good quality clothes that was true to size. As for right now, F21 is definitely not a store I shop at anymore, the fashion has become very young looking and their sizing has changed to true junior plus. But on this particular day, I found myself on the site just to see what they had as of late. I came across this Stripe Off the Shoulder dress and thought it was super cute. Not to mention the dress was only $11, so even if it didn't work out I didn't spend a fortune on it. Surprisingly enough when I got it home and tried it one, it fit perfectly and looked great on. The ruffle flounce was so flirty and pretty and the blue stripe print gave the dress character. The button front and tie waist added a bit a menswear feel while still remaining feminine. This was for sure a dress that surprised me and have quickly fallen in love with. Forever 21, I might have not given up on you just yet...