March 2014

Pop Up Plus Spring Challenge

Hey Lovies!

Being in this plus size blogger world, you get approached by a lot of different brands. But I always seem to gravitate towards the small, independent designers because they normally have more fun, unique things that you don't see everywhere. So when I was contacted by Camy of the brand Pop up Plus about joining in their Spring challenge, I was more than delighted to participate. The brand started as a pop-up shop and has currently expanded to an online website, which is great. So to grow more exposure and engage members of the plus size community to their brand, they asked a few bloggers to join in their Jogger Challenge. We were asked to choose from 3 different jogger pants, (see here, here and here) give them our own flare and style them.

Joggers - c/o Pop Up Plus//Top, Bag & Belt - ASOS Curve//Shoes - Torrid

Splurge vs. Steal: Slip-on Sneakers

Hey Lovies!

As you may know, I'm not a fan of sneakers and own only one pair that was literally worn once! Nonetheless, I've found myself drawn to the whole slip-on sneaker rave. They look super comfortable and can go with a bunch of different things in my wardrobe. Plus there's no rhyme or reason to them, you literally just slip them on and keep it moving. No laces to deal with, straps etc.. I've been looking into getting a pair and of course I fell in love with the leopard print version (duh!). I'm all for a bargain, so before I invest in anything I do my research and see what I can find at the best price. Now some folks are all about brand names and luxury, me on the other hand doesn't mind finding a knock off that can easily be pulled off as the designer version. Here are a few that I found online.

Getting Out of Your Wardrobe Slump: Wearing dresses as skirts

Hi Lovies!

No matter how much clothing you have, there's always that inevitable wardrobe slump. You stand in front of your overflowing closet and utter the words "I have nothing to wear!" I know it's crazy but we all go through it. I've been trying to be good about over shopping and spending unnecessarily, especially with my son graduating high school this year and going to college. During this time I am super grateful for my Gwynnie Bee subscription (read about them here) and my ample wardrobe. But what do you do when you're bored with everything you have?? That's when you get creative and take a really good look at your wardrobe to come up with new and fresh styles with what you already have. My new favorite thing to do is wearing my dresses as a skirt. It changes the whole look and gives you the opportunity to add more to the outfit to make it unique. 

Crop Top Obsessed

Hi Lovies!

I know I might be kind of late but I have totally become crop top obsessed! As my confidence has grown over the last year and a half since blogging, I find myself becoming more daring with my fashion. Things that I told myself that I'll never be caught dead in, are more appealing to me and the crop top is one of them. Now if you follow my blog, you know that I try to keep my style classy and sophisticated. You're definitely not going to see me in a ratchet crop top ensemble with booty shorts lol. I went for a comfy, urban, casual look with a graphic crop tee and harem pants.

Bandelettes Blogger Event

Hi Lovies!

Last night I attended an event given by the company Bandelettes. It was sort of a meet and greet, get acquainted with the product, and mingle with the staff as well as other bloggers event. Julie and Rena the owners of the company and their staff were total dolls, so welcoming, funny and sweet. They provided us with delicious cocktails and yummy treats throughout the night as well as having a manicure station for anyone who want to pretty up their nails. We all got measured by Julie to be fitted with the correct size Bandelettes and was given complimentary pairs! 

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