A Few Goodies

A Few Goodies

Just wanted to share a quick post with you guys and show you a few goodies I got from Forever 21. I wanted to get some more statement necklaces cause I realized I didn't have many. Since I have long wild curls that tend to hide my earrings at times, I figure I can wear more bold necklaces and skip out on earrings from time to time. I'm loving each necklace I got and can't wait to coordinate them with an outfit.

I'm loving my two feather inspired pieces, the Mixed Feather Top and the Peacock Feather Print Dress. Both of them are absolutely fabulous. I won't get into too many details about these items, rather save that for one of OOTD post. But I can say that I'm very please with everything I bought and can't wait to wear everything!

Until next time Lovies!
~ Sandra


  1. There´s a great Double Giveaway from L´Oreal + Cruciani bracellets on the blog, check it out and participate if you want =)


    1. Thanks for letting me know, I'll definitely check it out!


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