February 2017

Weekend Wear: The Military Jacket

Hi Lovies,

I'm back with another Weekend Wear post and this one is all about the Military Jacket. I've talked about how popular the Military Trend has become and has stayed true for a few seasons now. You can find this style in almost everything from pants to tops and the most iconic being the military jacket. I love uniform look and menswear feel of this type of jacket as well as how versatile it can be. Now I know what you're saying, since I am the ultimate girly girl, how would I incorporate this into my everyday style? Well when you're favorite brand comes out with one with embellished pockets, you make the exception. 

Top Five Favorite Make Up Removers

Hi lovies,

Today I am bringing you something different to the blog, been wanting to incorporate more beauty posts. I get so many questions regarding skin care, hair products and make-up so I figured I give YouTube a try and crank out some videos for you. Today I am talking about my top 5 favorite make-up removers. I wear makeup everyday so I love to have a variety of things to remove my makeup with. I've tried a bunch out there but these by far are my favorite 5. There's something here for everyone from wipes, to cleansing oils to balms, take your pick!

Seasonal Metallic

Hi Lovies,

In one of my previous post, I talked about how to incorporate clothes that you would normally wear around the holidays, into your everyday looks. I really have been trying to make this a habit lately, I have so many clothes that get left in the back burner because I purchased them for a special occasion or season. So why not go digging into your closet and find that seasonal item and create a look that I could wear now. For instance, this Pleated Metallic Skirt probably would have only made an appearance during Christmas or New Years, but since I was so fond of it, I decided to create a look that would be perfect to wear for any season. I loved the liquid metal look of this skirt as well as the color which gave off a bronze/rose gold feel. 

Plus Size Remix: Among Other Things

Hi Lovies,

Welcome back for another edition of the Plus Size Remix! As promised, I bringing you a PSR every month. If this is your first time to the blog, PSR is a monthly feature where I take a look that inspires me and remix it into a plus size version. Make sure to catch last month's inspiration featuring Carmelia of The Small Wardrobe. For February's PSR remix, my inspiration came from Hallie of Among Other Things. I have been following her blog and journey for quite some time and have seen it evolve. I love her free spirit and daring personality, not to mention her keen sense of style which is simple but always on point. I admire how she has fun with her warbrobe and makes it look so easy and carefree. But even with all of that, I definitely found a connection with her style and mine and that was simplicity. I am all about a simple but chic look and Hallie hits the mark every time.

Espresso then Prosecco

Hi Lovies,

Have you ever seen an article of clothing and instantly said to yourself "this was made for me"? Like the brand or designer totally had you in mind when they made the clothing? Well that's how I felt when I came across this Graphic Tee that said "Espresso then Prosecco" on the Old Navy website. Two of my favorite things are any kind of coffee and any kind of bubbly, I mean what is life without those things, right?? I'm also a sucker for a cute graphic tee especially if the saying is relatable, like this one. I've collected quite a few over the years like this one here and here and love incorporating them into my everyday fashion. They can add a fun twist to any look and it represents your personal style. 

Nontraditional Valentine's Day

Hi Lovies,

In my previous post I talked about how the color red it synonymous with Valentine's Day and incorporated that into my look. Now not everyone is into the whole red or pink colors for this day, some like to be different and change it up a bit. I know I can definitely be that girl who would rather stand out in a crowd than blend in with everyone else. So today's look is for my nontraditional gals who like to step out the box and bring a twist to their look for V'Day.

Gray Scale

Hi Lovies,

Next to the color olive, this past season gray was heavily on the fashion scene. Like I mentioned in my previous post that red was not one of my favorite colors, gray fell in that category as well. I don't know what it is but the color just reminded me of gym clothes or sweats which wasn't appealing, until I saw this midi skirt from Fashion to Figure. The gray color was such a blank canvas to create an amazing look. As you know I am a sucker for a good midi skirt, I already own two of theirs in Olive and Coral which are just amazing. The scuba material makes this warm enough to wear in the winter as well as extremely comfortable. I can't resist the flared silhouette that is so flattering as well as fun to twirl in. 

Valentine's Day Red

Hi Lovies,

When it comes to Valentine's Day, the color red is highly associated with this day. Everyone want to wear this color for the day of Love. I am a girl who loves to incorporate color into her everyday looks but unfortunately red wasn't always one of the colors I gravitated too. It took me a long while to warm up to wearing it, I started out with pops of it in my accessories, like shoes or bags. Then I slowly moved into actually wearing red in my clothing. Now I take on the color red like a champ without a problem. I never realized how powerful this color was and how it made me feel when I wore it. Wearing this Shirt Dress was definitely one of those moments, it immediately commanded attention. I loved that it had black pinstripes for a menswear feel as well as adding some contrast to the bold color. With it's classic and sophisticated look, this dress can be worn for work or for Valentine's Day with your special someone.

Denim Jumper

Hi Lovies,

When I think of a jumper, they immediately take me back to my childhood. My mom use to dress me in all different styles and colors of jumpers. Now that I am a grown woman, I am definitely not looking at them in the same way. Now they are more of a fashion statement or fun trend that I like to indulge in once in a while. This Denim Jumper from City Chic via Gwynnie Bee was right up my alley being how obsessed I am with denim dresses. The fact that this one was a jumper style made it ever more appealing. Not to mention the 90's feel it was giving me with the zipper detail in the front and patch pockets. I couldn't add this dress to my GB closet any faster. If you don't know what Gwynnie Bee is, check out my post here about them. 

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