About me

About me

Hello plus size world! I’m Sandra Negron aka La Pecosa Preciosa (The Precious Freckle Face). I am a native New Yorker, born and raised in Spanish Harlem aka El Barrio. I’m a self-taught baker, animal enthusiast, devout fan of children’s literature, curly hair expert, and little girl wrapped in a grown woman’s body.  But mostly I’m a plus size woman. 

I work as an Administrative Assistant in the Fashion District , so as much as I want to shop all day I can’t afford to do so (insert sad face here). But when I do shop, I shop wisely and cost effectively. Not to say that I won’t splurge once in a while on something I’ve been coveting. But in all reality I have to shop with frugality (hey that rhymed! LOL!). Being frugal doesn’t take away from my style or the wonderful wardrobe I own. 

This brings me to what La Pecosa Preciosa is about. I love fashion and I’ve learned to dress for my size and shape without having my wardrobe consist of leggings and over sized t-shirts. One thing I hate to see is an ill-dressed plus size woman. There should be no reason for that! I’ve been able to obtain a great wardrobe with smart shopping. On La Pecosa Preciosa I’ll be sharing my photos, experiences as a plus size woman, reviews on clothing, features, where to shop for great plus size fashions and the trials and tribulations we endure trying to find fashionable and inexpensive clothing without sacrificing style or your bank account. 

So welcome to the world of La Pecosa Preciosa! Come in and stay a while.


  1. As someone else with a fashion addiction on an admin salary, I feel your pain!


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