To heel or not to heel? That is the question!

To heel or not to heel? That is the question!

As much as I love heels and the way they can make any outfit look fantastic, I have come to terms that the Feet Gods did not bless me with heel wearing feet. Unfortunately I've been cursed with wide feet. Now don't get me wrong, I can do some heels, preferably in 1 to 3 in. heel range, some platform and a block or cone shape heel. I need a shoe with stability, anything higher than 3 inches can get tricky.

My style of dressing is very simple but elegant and most often doesn't require me to wear high heels but on occasion I might want to wear something that would look a lot prettier with a high heel shoe. Lucky enough I have discovered shoes from Torrid. I've been shopping here for years but never ventured into the world of their heels.

I actually happened to come across a pair of simple black faux suede platform pumps on Ebay (another cool place to find plus size fashions) and decided to buy them. I'm glad I did because they fit well and I was able to walk more than 1 block in them due to the wide width. After that experience, I immediately went to the website to check out their current  heel selection. Torrid is fully aware that a good portion of us plus size gals have either big or wide feet. They accommodate that with their great selection of wide widths and sizes from 7-12. I've actually obtained most of my Torrid shoes via Ebay surprisingly. You can find some of their past shoe collections on there for really great prices. These are the shoes that I currently own from Torrid.

 As you can see I love anything reptile print or animal print. Some of these haven't even been in the street yet, cause like I said my feet aren't made for heels. But if I do decide to wear heels, I always bring along a pair of flats when my poor tootsies can't take it anymore lol. 

Until next time peeps!
~ Sandra

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