November 2017

Forever Evolving

700x205 Hi Lovies,

The other day my eldest niece April told me that my style is always evolving. I was actually shocked by her comment because I feel sometimes I'm stuck in a fashion rut. But then I really thought about it, looked back at the past 5 years and how much my style has actually grown and evolved. While I love having a signature style that people identify me with, I love to throw a few curve balls in there once in a while. As of late I have been stepping out of my fashion bubble and I'm truly loving it. Wearing jeans was one of those obstacles for me, no one ever associated me with them. Now if you look in my closet you will see an abundance of them in all kinds of styles and fits. My most recent favorites are from the Rebel Wilson x Angels collection. Her jeans are just amazing quality and the fit is perfection. These Mogul Pull on Jeggings have been in heavy rotation, I love the super skinny fit from thigh to ankle and comfortable 3 button closure waist. There's amazing recovering on these so there's no stretching around the waist or sagging at the knees. Perfect for everyday, to dress up or down, you definitely need these jeans in your arsenal. 

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