I'm very excited to report that I had my first blog feature on Sofrito for your soul! This is an awesome blog owned by my friend George 'Urban Jibaro' Torres. Sofrito for your Soul touches many areas, such as, community, culture, art and music, food, lifestyle, health, and technology. George is an amazing and talented individual who has an immense love of our Latino culture. He is very adamant about putting us Latinos on the map in any way possible. As well as being a huge believer in promoting and supporting other talented Latinos on his blog like artists, musicians, poets, writers, and of course other bloggers.

 He's also partnered up with a long time friend, Juan 'Papo Swiggity' Santiago, in 2007 to create CAPICU! Cultural Showcase. It combines our community building abilities to produce diverse poetry and performing arts events in New York City using the philosophies of the most progressive intellectual and artistic movements of the last century (i.e. The Harlem Renaissance, the Beat Poets & most notably the Nuyorican Movement). CAPICU! Cultural Showcase also produces RADIO CAPICU, the first live Latino talk radio show on the Internet where important topics relevant to the Latino community are discussed and debated.George was also recently featured in USA Today - Hispanic Living Magazine as "6 Bloggers to Watch" (goes on sale Monday). 
When George asked me if I wanted to do a feature about plus size fashion for Sofrito for your Soul, I immediately said YES! This would be a great opportunity for me to promote my blog, especially since 85% of his readers are women. I was a little nervous at first because I'd never done a feature before. But he assured me that I would do a great job and just write about what I size fashion. So I grabbed the bull by it's horns and just did it! Check out the feature here.

I talked about what La Pecosa Preciosa is about, where I shop for inexpensive plus size fashion and passed on a few fashion tips. It was an amazing feeling to see my work on someone's blog and hopefully paved the way to future features. I want to give a huge thanks to George 'Urban Jibaro' Torres for giving me this wonderful opportunity and for always being an inspiration to the Latino community.

Until next time Lovies!
~ Sandra

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