Plus Size Remix: Among Other Things

Plus Size Remix: Among Other Things

Hi Lovies,

Welcome back for another edition of the Plus Size Remix! As promised, I bringing you a PSR every month. If this is your first time to the blog, PSR is a monthly feature where I take a look that inspires me and remix it into a plus size version. Make sure to catch last month's inspiration featuring Carmelia of The Small Wardrobe. For February's PSR remix, my inspiration came from Hallie of Among Other Things. I have been following her blog and journey for quite some time and have seen it evolve. I love her free spirit and daring personality, not to mention her keen sense of style which is simple but always on point. I admire how she has fun with her warbrobe and makes it look so easy and carefree. But even with all of that, I definitely found a connection with her style and mine and that was simplicity. I am all about a simple but chic look and Hallie hits the mark every time.

With my PSR, I like to challenge myself and shop my closet to create these looks. There's definitely no need to buy anything new when I have an abundance of clothes right in my closet. When I came across this look, I was drawn to how cool and chic it was, as well as being super simple, everything that represents my style. While putting together this look, I can to realization that I did not own a tan moto jacket! (insert gasp here) You guys know I am the moto jacket queen and have them in almost every color and style. But surprisingly enough, a tan one was missing. So as I search all my jackets, and alas I found this brown moto. While it wasn't tan, I do like to put my own twist on these looks so brown moto it is. 

The striped button up shirt was such a great touch to lighten up the look as well as the white denim pants. Then adding red shoes and a fun clutch to bring back some color to the look just balanced everything out. This was look that was for sure Sandra approved.

I hope you February's Plus Size Remix, I so loved how this look came out.  Don't forget to follow Hallie's blog Among Other Things and check out all her great fashion. Ithere any looks that you'd like to see me recreate, let me know in the comments below. I'd love to take on the challenge! Until next month!

Thanks for reading!!


  1. This PSR is amazing!!! That button down and pants are perfect!

  2. This remix is perfection! Love the way your styled your look!

  3. I enjoy your PSR!! Cute as always twinny!


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