Treat Yourself

Treat Yourself

Hi Lovies,

When it comes to the holidays, I enjoy running around and getting gifts for my friends and loved ones. There's no better feeling than bringing a smile to someone's face with a thoughtful gift, no matter how big or small. But the gift of giving doesn't stop there, every year I make it a point to get myself something special as well. There's definitely nothing wrong with treating yourself, if you have the means, I highly recommend doing it. It's a nice way to reward yourself for all the great things you've done throughout the year. This year I decided to do something different and gift myself a hair makeover. With Christmas and New Years days away, I figure why not get this hair right for the holidays. 

Me and Darlene from Suits, Heels & Curves had the pleasure of visiting the 5 Salon & Spa. This huge 4 floor salon & spa in Fort Lee, NJ does it all, from hair and nails, to facials and make up. The beautiful and sophisticated decor gave it such a luxurious ambiance. We had our hair makeover done by the fabulous Ona Diaz-Santin. This talented Latina is the creative director of 5 Salon and came highly recommended by fellow beauty blogger Ada of Gypsy in the City. She is an award winning stylist to the stars, has been showcased in several magazines and is sought after by her amazing clientele. Ona basically does it all, she's a colorist, a stylist and works magic with a pair of scissors. With over 20 yrs of experience under her belt, she knows how to deal with ALL hair types and textures. There's a reason why they call her the Hair Saint. 

Ona immediately made us feel at home with her welcoming personality and began the consultation process. I have to say that I have never experienced a consultation like the one I had at 5 Salon. It was super in depth with a special record sheet that she use to jot down everything from my hair porosity, texture, elasticity, scalp condition, skin depth/tone and eye color. I wanted to get my hair colored, cut and styled, so she first looked over my current color and explain what needed to be done to correct it. My new growth was 50% grey so she use Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect 100% Grey Coverage to cover the roots. The bottom part of my hair was very orangish and brassy so to correct that and even out the color she applied a glaze. This not only helps with the color but adds shine and makes the hair supple and soft.

After the glazed was rinsed out of my hair, we went on to the cut. My style from my last hair cut had grown out and my ends needed major trimming. I knew I wanted to cut some of the length, and add volume to my hair since is was very flat. This will also help to bring back some bounce to my curls. So Ona got her magic scissors and went to town on my hair, first cutting it wet and then cutting it some more after she blow dried it straight. You guys know I never straighten my hair but since this was a makeover I wanted to do something new. Prior to blow drying she applied the Wella Professionals "Perfect Me" Beauty Balm Lotion which served as a heat protectant as well as smoothing the hair, adding moisture and taming flyaways. Then as a finisher, she applied some Wella Professionals "Oil Reflections" Smoothing Oil for added shine and suppleness to the hair. Both products can be use on damp or dry hair and works on all hair types. I couldn't have been happier with the outcome of my hair, I felt like a new woman. I could only imagine how great it's gonna look when I do my curly. I was officially ONAFIED!

It is definitely safe to say that Ona is my new hair stylist and I can't wait to go back and visit in a few months for a touch up. So if you're looking to treat yourself to something special this Christmas, or get right for the New Year, I HIGHLY recommend visiting the 5 Salon & Spa and getting Onafied! Don't forget to tell her I sent ya! Also make sure to check out Darlene's post about Battling Hair Loss and 5 Steps to a Luscious Mane.

Thanks for reading!!

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