Staying Fresh and Feeling Confident During the Holidays

Staying Fresh and Feeling Confident During the Holidays

This post is in partnership with Suits, Heels & Curves, Simply Stylist  and Dove. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Hi Lovies,

If you are anything like me then you probably already have a list of holiday events, gathering and family functions to attend.  This time of the year can bring a lot of anxiety and stress especially when it comes to seeing that favorite aunt who feels your weight needs to be the center of conversation. Well this season my bestie, Darlene of Suits, Heels and Curves and I have decided to partner up with Simply Stylist and Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant to share with you our tips to feeling cool and confident over the holiday season.  

Pamper yourself! To start off with ladies, take this time to indulge and celebrate the amazing woman that you are. Whether it’s a long shower, a massaging body scrub, that super rich body cream that costs more than you care to admit or that sultry perfume that makes you feel like a queen, this is your time to honor that beautiful body.  Before you even think about what to wear, take 30 minutes to just be one with yourself.  Blast some great music, serve yourself a cocktail and let the self-pampering begin. Trust me a little body TLC will go a long way.

Embrace your curves. Before picking out your outfit take 5 minutes to really own and admire your body and those magical curves. While you stare at your reflection, take note of what you see. Look past the so-called imperfections, the baby scars and dimples. Look at the strong, beautiful woman that you are. Let the light from your window shine on your face. Now, instead of highlighting what is wrong with your body, identify what you love about your body. Maybe it’s your toned calves from your dancing days, your round backside that you can thank your mom for, or maybe it is the baby scar that reminds you how blessed you are. Feeling good about yourself only comes from working from within.

Pick out an outfit that you love and feel confident in. That might be a little black dress, a festive red jumpsuit or even a super sparkly showstopper. Pick an outfit that shows off the parts of yourself that you love the most. If you love your cleavage, maybe opt for something with a plunging neckline. If you have a great stomach you want to show off, maybe pick a dress with mesh cutouts. This journey is about you so don’t be swayed by what anyone says you should or should not wear.



Pull out all the stops. Yes diva, now that you have your amazing outfit, you have embraced those gorgeous curves, and it’s time to play dress up. Getting dolled up for some women can add even more unwanted stress, so I am going to say that in this department, do as much or as little as you feel comfortable. As part of my beauty routine using an antiperspirant that keeps me feeling fresh and confident is a must! I personally love Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant, its easy to use, dries instantly, and smells amazing. Plus, can we talk about the 48-hour protection as well as the  ¼ moisturizer in the formula. It not only keeps me dry, it cares for my skin too. This is the only deodorant I use, it’s literally magic in a can! Now that all the primping is done go ahead and grab a few accessories, swipe on some lip-gloss and throw on that gorgeous coat. Chanel your best BeyoncĂ© and make your way out. Trust me, if people are looking at you, it’s because you look so darn fabulous!!

Last but not least, have fun. People will always talk, judge, and stare, but that is not your problem, it’s theirs. Let them feed their own insecurities with hate, because you are working on something greater. You are showing the world that bodies come in all shapes and sizes, that beauty is not just a size small and that life’s moments can’t be missed due to fear. Yes, my dear, you are doing that. Own it, love it and celebrate it

Thanks for reading!

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