Curly Hair Must Haves

Curly Hair Must Haves

Hi Lovies,

Today's post is all about the curls and my must haves that every curly girl needs in their arsenal. Now remember, not everyone's hair is the same and I am speaking from my own experiences with my hair. I have fine hair with a 3B/3C curl type and these must haves are what I use on a day to day basis. Having curly hair is a job in itself, so to some these must haves might seem a little excessive, but its what I do to achieve my beautiful curls. So if you're a curly girl and need some info on what you should have, then check out this round up. 

1. Tackling your curls

Untangling your curls can be a chore but must be done. It's recommended that using your fingers is the best way to achieve this but I prefer a wide tooth comb. See below for some options.

2. Deep Conditioning

Nourishing your hair is very important, so deep conditioning is a must in my book. I like to use a bonnet hair dryer for 30 minutes once a week to penetrate the conditioner into my hair. See below for some options

3. The Drying Process

I normally like to air dry my hair, but when I am pressed for time I will pull out my trusty blow dryer with the diffuser attachment. See below for some options.

4. Preserving your Curls

Now that you have achieved the perfect curls, you want to preserve them, right? I use the "pineapple method" with a satin scrunchie, bonnet and pillow case (I know, I'm so extra) at night to sleep with. This is the best way to get your curls to last until your next wash day. See below for some options

I hope this round up of curly hair must haves was useful as well as helpful. I honestly could not deal with my curls without these essentials. Again, not everything listed here will work for everyone but from my own experience with my hair, this is what works. Let me know what are your must haves when dealing with your hair and stay tuned for my next round up on my fav curly hair products.

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