Wake Me When It's Friday

Wake Me When It's Friday

Hi Lovies,

I am still on a high over the fact that I was in LA just a few weeks ago. Also to be able to experience my first time there with my Instagram Wives was so awesome. I totally fell in love with the city and I'm already planning my return in my head. The flight was long and exhausting for us since we had such an early flight but it was totally worth it. When we arrived we were so hungry, so we searched for the nearest In and Out Burger, put the address into Waze and headed on over. This was definitely one of the spots on my list to visit, I had to see what all the hype was about. I've seen so many of my fellow LA bloggers on snapchat going there to eat and it looked really good. There was a pretty big line when we got there but thankfully it was moving fast. We were also lucky to find seats quickly as well because I couldn't' wait to sink my teeth into my burger. Honestly I have to say that the burger wasn't as life altering as I thought it would be. It was good don't get me wrong but nothing I haven't had before here in NYC. But at least I can say I was there, tried the food and cross it off my list of places to visit.

TeeJeans, Sunglasses c/o Torrid//Shoes
After we devoured our food, we had to of course stop and take some blog pictures. Can't come to LA and not get some shots in front of the In-n-Out Burger Sign. Since this was our traveling day I wore something that was super comfortable to be on a plane as well as fun and cute for hanging out. This Scoop Neck Tee from Torrid was definitely the ticket, extremely soft and comfy for being on a plane for 6 hours. Plus you guys know I'm a sucker for a graphic tee and this one was totally me. Who doesn't only want to be woken when it's Friday?? Am I right?

Now you know I am not a jeans/pants kinda girl but for the sake of traveling I opted for comfort. These jeggings were a dream to wear, the super stretchy and comfort of a legging but with the look of denim. Not to mention this amazing coral color that was perfect for the summer as well as transitioning into Fall. To finish off the look, I popped on these Pastel Pink Cat Eye Sunglasses that were perfect to be LA cool!

Tee & Jeans c/o Torrid//Shoes

While planning for this trip, we wanted to visit any brands that were in the LA area. Torrid was at the top of the list and we were able to arrange to have a visit at their headquarters. Jasmine, the market coordinator, was kind enough to be our tour guide and show us around. All I have to say is that I have a whole new respect for the Torrid brand. So much hard work goes into every piece that they create and passion that they have for the plus size woman is amazing. The tour was such a great experience and being able to get to know a brand on a more personal level was such an amazing opportunity. Before we left, we had to stop at their social media wall of all these beautiful women representing Torrid and snap a pic. 

TeeJeansSunglasses c/o Torrid//Shoes

A huge thanks goes out to Torrid for not only providing us with these outfits for the trip but letting us visit their headquarters! 

Thanks for reading!

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