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Painted Love

Hi Lovies!

As many of you know, is one of my favorite online stores. My very first blog post, which I did almost a year ago (can't believe I've been blogging a year already!), was about ASOS. I've been shopping with them since 2010 and my very first purchase was this Painted Tulip Bandeau Dress. I loved this dress but the funny thing is I've only worn it one other time! That's what happens when you have too many clothes, you continue to buy more and forget about what you already have. It's a vicious cycle, but I digress and decided to pull this oldie but goody out and strut my stuff in it! I have to say this dress is definitely a show stopper, got a lot of lookers and women complimenting me on how pretty it is. I don't blame them, this dress is totally awesome!

Blossoming Beauty

Hi Lovies!

The summer is coming to an end so quickly so I'm trying to wear as many of my dresses as possible. This gem of a dress I had to have the minute I saw it on I totally fell in love with the floral print and how happy it made me feel. I decided to wear this dress to an after work happy hour cruise with my Beau and it was a hit! I'm a huge fan of this website and own 3 other things from them which I love just as equally. The best part about them is that you can customize the clothing to your exact measurements for a better fit! This dress as is, comes strapless and the length is below the knees but I decided to add tie-ups at the shoulder and made the length above the knee for a more playful look. I completed the outfit with turquoise  colored accessories which went so well with the colors on the dress.

Bandeau To Make Her Dance!

Hi Lovies!

Well I'm finally back on the my blogging ish! It can be very hard to blog when your photographer has her own buddy career (how dare she! lol). But I'm back, and back with a vengeance! When I first saw this bandeau, I was immediately drawn to it because it was another one of my favorite prints...CAMOUFLAGE! Since I've been trying to push the envelope and step out of my comfort zone, I decided to purchase it with an outfit in mind. Now we all know that denim vest are super trendy and popular this summer, so I paired it this lace back vest from Forever 21 with the bandeau to give me more of a comfortable feel and not be so overly exposed. Also to "camouflage" some of my love handles I wore a skater skirt with a bit of a high waist. I felt the outfit was pulled together, cute and showed just enough skin without feeling like a Hoochie! I also wore my wedge sneakers for a more urban, street look which completed the outfit.

#HonorMyCurves Feature

Hi Lovies!

I'm so excited to I can barely type this post but yours truly has been featured in the July/August issue of Skorch Magazine! I was part of the #honormycurves column written by the wonderful Honor Curves. I was ecstatic when she reached out to me and asked if I would like to be featured in the magazine. If you've never heard of Honor Curves and her #honormycurves movment, its an instagram page where she encourages self love and acceptance of your body, no matter the size, shape or color. #honormycurves has gotten so big, Skorch Magazine asked her to join their team with a monthly column featuring 3-4 girls, asking them what honoring their curves means to them. I'm super grateful to Honor Curves for choosing me as one of the girls to be featured this month! To see the full article on Skorch Magazine click here and to follow the #honormycurves movement you can follow her on instagram here or her twitter page here.

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Instagram OOTD's

Hi Lovies!

If you're a blogger, then you know it's not always easy finding someone to take outfit pictures for you. Sometimes you have to rely on your trusty camera phone and take some selfies in the mirror of your outfit of the day. So I've been taking daily OOTD pics at work of my summer looks. If you follow me on instagram, then you've probably seen them but here are some that I've taken over the last 3 weeks.

Outfit Deets
(left to right)
ASOS Curve dress//ASOS Curve Dress//ASOS Curve & Torrid Blazer//Conway Dress//Torrid Dress & Fashion to Figure Blazer

Summer Nights

Hi Lovies!

Last night after work I attended the NYCurvyCloset plus size shopping event with my niece April. It was 6 of some of my fav bloggers selling their clothing and giving us girls the opportunity to shop their closets! I left there with 2 skirts and 2 tops from the lovely Meaghan of Little Lime Dress for the grand total of $30! (see here for pics) As usual, these events are always fun, you get to mingle and network with your blogger friends. I was also approached by several women that actually recognized me from my blog and told me how much they loved it! It was so surreal and humbling to know that people actually follow my blog and love what I do. Afterwards, me and April went to have some pizza at Two Boots Pizza and took some outfit pics. I was a great summer night fun and hopefully the beginning of many more to come!

Bandelettes: The Chub Rub Killer!

Hi Lovies,

How many of you suffer from the annoying "chub rub" or chafing of the inner thighs for rubbing together  from walking?? I know I do, and it's not a good feeling especially during the hot and humid summer in NYC. I have tried many different remedies to prevent chafing, like using powder,deodorant, wearing shorts etc, but they all failed in one way or another. Up until recently when I came across Tanesha's post from Girl with Curves about this amazing products called Bandelettes.


Hi Lovies!

As some of you might know, Google Reader is shutting down from the 1st of July. Starting tomorrow, you will lose the list of blogs you follow. Fortunately, you can easily transfer the list of all the blogs you already follow to Bloglovin', so you don’t miss out.
Here is how to import all the blogs you follow from Google Reader to Bloglovin’.
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Wonder Lee 123 Bow Ties

Hi Lovies!

Wednesday night I attended the "Curves at Sea" All White Cruise for FFFWeek and I wore a personalized  bow tie that said "Blogger" made out of a Scrabble board and tiles. I can not tell you how many compliments and admirers I got that night, everyone just loved it so much! So as I promised, I'm letting all my readers and followers know where I got it from and where you can get one too!

FFFWEEK Day 3: "Curves at Sea" All White Sunset Cruise

Hi Lovies!!

FFFWeek is in full swing now and I've been swooning over all the pictures on facebook and Instagram from the different events. Yesterday I attended the "Curves at Sea" All White Sunset Cruise and all I have to say is WOW! It was such a wonderful event, filled with beautiful women of all colors, shapes and sizes! We got to sail around the city and enjoy it's picturesque views well into the evening, ending the cruise with sailing by Lady Liberty. I got to meet more of my favorite bloggers, some that traveled as far as Australia, England, France and Germany! I also got to hang out again with some other blogger that I made friends with at the Ashley Stewart Blogger Breakfast. Not to mention rubbing elbows with the many plus size models that were there, including the beautiful Rosie Mercado from the show "Curvy Girls". It was a night filled with awesome people, dancing, drinking, picture taking, networking and just having fun. Can't wait til next year!

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