Bandeau To Make Her Dance!

Bandeau To Make Her Dance!

Hi Lovies!

Well I'm finally back on the my blogging ish! It can be very hard to blog when your photographer has her own buddy career (how dare she! lol). But I'm back, and back with a vengeance! When I first saw this bandeau, I was immediately drawn to it because it was another one of my favorite prints...CAMOUFLAGE! Since I've been trying to push the envelope and step out of my comfort zone, I decided to purchase it with an outfit in mind. Now we all know that denim vest are super trendy and popular this summer, so I paired it this lace back vest from Forever 21 with the bandeau to give me more of a comfortable feel and not be so overly exposed. Also to "camouflage" some of my love handles I wore a skater skirt with a bit of a high waist. I felt the outfit was pulled together, cute and showed just enough skin without feeling like a Hoochie! I also wore my wedge sneakers for a more urban, street look which completed the outfit.

Denim Vest, Bandeau & Bracelet - Forever 21/Skirt & Sneakers - ASOS Curve/Clutch - Triple 5 Soul/Earrings & Cuff - H&M/Name Necklace - BlackHeartCreatives

Photos taken by April Pabon
Denim VestBandeau & Bracelet - Forever 21/Skirt & Sneakers - ASOS Curve/Clutch - Triple 5 Soul/Earrings & Cuff - H&M/Name Necklace - BlackHeartCreatives

Until next time Lovies!

~ La Pecosa Preciosa

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