Bandelettes: The Chub Rub Killer!

Bandelettes: The Chub Rub Killer!

Hi Lovies,

How many of you suffer from the annoying "chub rub" or chafing of the inner thighs for rubbing together  from walking?? I know I do, and it's not a good feeling especially during the hot and humid summer in NYC. I have tried many different remedies to prevent chafing, like using powder,deodorant, wearing shorts etc, but they all failed in one way or another. Up until recently when I came across Tanesha's post from Girl with Curves about this amazing products called Bandelettes.

Bandelettes are these nifty little circular lace bands that go around the upper thigh to prevent chafing. They are almost like the top of a pair of thigh highs but do the work that using powder or deodorant would do. I have to say Bandelettes are pretty freaking amazing! I immediately ordered a pair in nude right after reading Tanesha's post and can you believe they arrived the next day! I had them delivered to my job and since I was wearing a dress that day (with shorts underneath to prevent chafing!) I immediately tried them. It was basically love at first walk and I haven't taken them off (well only to sleep) for the last 4 days!

The lace is super soft and delicate but still sturdy enough to withstand hours of constant friction as well as being sexy and dainty. You could also wear them under shorts for a chic and stylish look. They have silicone strips that go around the top and bottom of the inner band to keep them in place on the thigh. In order to find out what size you are, you have to use a tape measure and measure the thickest part of your thigh while standing to get the appropriate size. So if you measure 26" (like me) then you would order a size C. They are true to size so make sure you order as close to your size as possible, if they're too big, you risk them falling down. They do roll down a tiny bit at the back where the thigh meets the butt cheek. But nothing to the point where it becomes annoying and you have to keep pulling them up. To wash Bandelettes rinse with cold water, scrub gently with mild detergent and air dry. All in all, Bandelettes are the cat's meow and I can now say goodbye to the pesky "chub rub" forever!!

Thanks to the folks at Bandelettes for letting me use their pictures

To get your own pair, go to their website at

Until next time lovies!

~ Sandra
La Pecosa Preciosa

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