La Pecosa Preciosa

Twerking over Tweed

One of my very first purchases from Torrid was this Charcoal Tweed Peplum Tank Dress. I was a little leery at first since it was my first time purchasing anything from Torrid. But became an instant fan when the dress arrived. It fit me perfectly, the dress was true to size and it was made so well. Obviously I've been a fan of peplum for a while even before it became so trendy.

Snake skin and Shoulder Pads

When I first got this Ponte Contrast Pencil Skirt Dress from ASOS Curve, I wasn't sold on it. I've never worn a dress that length before or anything with shoulder pads, but I loved the look of the dress. I normally prefer my dresses right above the knee or higher, I just like the way they look on me better. I was indecisive about shortening the dress, so it sat in my closet for a while. During this time I kept seeing a lot of pencil skirts and dresses in my favorite stores and how pretty the length looked on other women. So I decided to step out of my comfort zone and give it a whirl!

Peplum and Leopard Print

I'm starting to think that I might actually need help with my animal print obsession lol. I seriously can't pass up anything with Leopard/Cheetah print! I hear a little voice in my head saying "You could never have too much animal print!" and then I grab what ever it is and make my way to the check out. My most recent purchase were these Leopard Print Platforms from Target for the mere price of $24.99. I mean really? I couldn't NOT buy them, right??

Fun with Mock Suspender Tights

I first saw these cool mock suspender tights (see here) on the lovely Passion Jonesz in her blog post called "Rockin Suspender Tights" (see here). I thought they were such a clever idea, and looked so cute on Passion. She wrote in her blog that she purchased them off a website called Donatella's, and that they carried plus size tights. I immediately went on the site to check them out. They had so many other cool and different designs. After browsing for a while, I ended up just purchasing the suspender tights to try them out.

Sequins and Chiffon

This New Years Eve, I wanted to go with a simple and elegant look. I was spending NYE with my Beau's family, so of course I wanted to look nice. I saw this Paillette Bodice Dress on the Forever 21 website and instantly fell in love but I waited too long to get something for NYE and there wasn't enough time to order the dress. I frantically went to the Times Square store and to my luck they had the dress!

Christmas is gone, but not forgotten

For the month of December I was a bit lazy with outfit posts, so now I'm behind. Also the weather in NYC has gotten really cold and I have not been able to take pics in my communal terrace. I was forced to take these pics in my house but since it was the holidays I decided to take them in front of my tree.

GOODBYE 2012...HELLO 2013

Even though my blog is still in its newborn stage, launched August 2012, I have to say it has been nothing but fun. From the wonderful women who inspired me to start my blog, the new and awesome people I've met so far, and to hopefully inspire other women along the way. Thank you to all my followers, friends and family that have shown me so much love and support on my journey into the world of plus size blogging. As 2012 comes to a close, I look forward to what the new year has in store for me and La Pecosa Preciosa.

50 Shades of Grey

When I first started shopping for trendier plus size fashion, the first store I started shopping at was Torrid. I loved their edgy, risque fashion as well as their great shoes and boots. They also cater to us wide foot and calf women and go from sizes 7-12. So with that being said, over the last 4 yrs I have bought quite a few things from them. Including this Grey Wrap Tube Dress.

Sassy Soldier Girl

When I finally went through my clothes and pulled out the winter gear, I came across this dress. I bought this like 2 yrs ago from Torrid and I loved it so much! Love the strapless design and the Army uniform look to it with the studded trim across the top. It also has pockets which is always a plus for me as well as being able to be worn for several seasons. In the summer by itself with a cute pair of sandals or the way I'm wearing it here for the winter.

Review: Firmoo Glasses

Around the beginning of the month, I received an email from an online glasses store, Firmoo to try out a pair of their glasses and review them. This was the first time I have ever been approached by a glasses company and figured, "sure, why not?" I filled out their application form and waited about a week for my glasses to arrive. Unfortunately the pair I got are currently sold out but here's a similar pair (see here).

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