Snake skin and Shoulder Pads

Snake skin and Shoulder Pads

When I first got this Ponte Contrast Pencil Skirt Dress from ASOS Curve, I wasn't sold on it. I've never worn a dress that length before or anything with shoulder pads, but I loved the look of the dress. I normally prefer my dresses right above the knee or higher, I just like the way they look on me better. I was indecisive about shortening the dress, so it sat in my closet for a while. During this time I kept seeing a lot of pencil skirts and dresses in my favorite stores and how pretty the length looked on other women. So I decided to step out of my comfort zone and give it a whirl!

This dress had an 80's Dynasty feel to it, especially with the shoulder pads. The black contrasting in the middle was the perfect color to give it an elegant flare. It fit me a little big so the skirt part of the dress wasn't snug like a pencil skirt normally fits. I was still getting acquainted with ASOS Curve sizing since this dress was one of my earlier purchases from them. But since I'm not crazy about clingy clothing it worked out.

Of course I had to throw in some kind of animal print, so I paired the outfit with my Snake Skin Print Envelope Clutch and Snakeskin Pointy Heels both from Target and in keeping with the 80's Dynasty theme I wore my Silver and Black Vintage Earrings (Ebay score!) with my Silver Cuff from H&M.

Until next time Lovies!

~ La Pecosa Preciosa


  1. I love snakeskin, your shoes and clutch is preciosa!!! Love it! Looking lovely mamita. Happy New Year

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