Quarantine Self Care

Quarantine Self Care

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Hi Lovies,

First off I want to start by saying that I hope everyone is safe and in good health! For some of us it has been a tough 2 month dealing with being under lockdown. I live in NYC, in the mecca of this pandemic. I have not left my house in almost 2 months so it's safe to say that I am going a little stir crazy. But in the past weeks of being home quarantine, I've learned to find ways of coping with not seeing my family or friends. Self care is so important especially now, taking time for yourself to just decompress, relax and relieve your mind. So for me I pick a day out the week and make it a Quarantine Self Care Day. It's a day that I take for myself, no influencer work, no Blogger House Curvy Closet business, just a day for me. Here's what I like to do on my self care days.

Now that the weather is getting warmer I like to spend my self care day outside in the backyard. It's so important to get out and get some fresh air, even if it's to walk around the block. A little Vitamin D goes a long way. I sit in a comfy chair, make sure it's turned towards the sun to sun bathe. I like to bring a snack outside with me, like some fresh fruit and one of my favorite drinks, sparkling apple cider. 

During this time I love to listen to some music or read a book. I honestly don't have enough time in my daily schedule to do either of these things, so it has become a must during my self care day. I've even taken to journaling again, I used to do tons of it when I was younger. I find that writing my thoughts down on paper can be such a stress reliever. I'm not normally an anxious person but since all of this, I find myself on ends at time and this has definitely helped.

There has been a huge increase in animal adoptions during this pandemic which is amazing. Animals can be such a source of comfort and companionship. I love letting the pups out with me while I relax outside. They get to run around and blow off some steam while keeping me company. Once they are done, they will lay by my feet and soak in the sun as well.

Another thing I do during my self care day is get dressed up. The act of getting dressed and putting on some make up always puts me in a better mood. Now getting dressed up for me is being in something that is comfy but cute. This Parade Dip-Dye Dress from Catherines Americana Collection was the perfect thing to wear on my self care day. This dress is super soft, comfy and it has pockets! Not to mention the gorgeous colors that can put anyone in a good mood. Since the weather can be unpredictable here in NYC, I paired the dress with their White Embroidered Denim Jacket. I loved the crisp white color and the fun embroidery pattern. Along with their easy slip on Good Sole Strappy Sandals to complete this look.

Now that I have incorporated my self care day into my routine once a week, it has definitely helped me out during this time. I know everyone is dealing with this differently but I hope that some of my tips can bring some comfort to you. Also let me know what you've been doing to keep busy! Also make sure to head over to Catherines site to check out the rest of their Americana Collection!

Thanks for reading!

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