The Perfect Silhouette

The Perfect Silhouette

Hi Lovies,

Becoming a blogger has definitely helped me understand my body shape and what works best for it. Honestly once you figure that out, shopping and finding clothing for yourself is a breeze. But sometimes the problem with that is you will stick to one kind of silhouette. Even with myself, I like to keep it safe and go with pieces that I know are going to look good on me. As you know as of late I have been stepping out of my comfort zone and expanding my fashion. That's where my Gwynnie Bee subscription comes into play. I love that I have access to a plethora of brands that I might have never tried before and silhouettes that I was hesitant to try. There's no commitment either, if you get an item that doesn't work, you can easily send it back and try some thing else. 

This dress from Eloquii had caught my eye when I first saw it on their site but I was reluctant to get it. Didn't think the silhouette would work with me along with the bold print. Then one day when I was adding things to my Gwynnie Bee closet, I saw this dress. I figured this would be my chance to try the dress out and not have to worry if it doesn't work. Well as you can see this dress fits me like a dream and I am obsessed with it. While the bold print might be too much for some, I totally embraced it. The flared sleeves are right on trend and just add to the look. The matching tie belt gave the dress some structure and shaped which works great for me since I'm not super curvy. I think I found my new favorite silhouette with this gorgeous dress. It's safe to say that this will definitely be a Borrow and Buy!

Are you hesitant to try certain styles and silhouettes? Well this is your chance to get this dress and tons of other styles free for 30 days with Gwynnie Bee. Click here to sign up!

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