Fun in the Sun on July 4th

Fun in the Sun on July 4th

Hi Lovies,

July 4th weekend has come and it's officially Summer now. School is out, pools are open and it's time to enjoy ourselves. This 4th of July I didn't do the typical BBQ party, me and my Instagram Wife decided to head to Rye Beach and have some fun in the sun. I hardly make it to a beach or a pool during the summer so if an opportunity arises, I jump at it. Rye Beach holds many memories for me as a child, I use to go up there with my family, a huge crew of us. We would first hit the beach or the pool for a few hours and then end up at Playland for some amusement park fun. I was totally nostalgic, because it was like I was in a time warp. Not much has changed, the same rides I got on when I was 7 were still there. I could close my eyes end see myself as a kid having the best time on one of the fun rides. It's definitely different as an adult but I can still enjoy myself, it's fun just people watching and seeing all the young kids with happy face just having the time of their lives.

Swimsuit & Beach Pants //Kimono Top (similar)

As confident as I may come off, I do struggle with my body at times, swimsuits can be just as terrifying as watching a gory slasher movie. Not to mention, I have gain a few extra pounds since last year so sizing up in a swimsuit this year was a punch in the gut. Thank goodness for brands like Always for Me for literally having a swimsuit for everyone. Always For Me has long been one of the most popular and trusted online destinations for plus-size swimwear, active wear and lingerie. They offer exceptionally beautiful styles for all body types in high-performance and long wearing fabrics that bend, stretch and jump with you. Their mission is to help women look and feel their best. Which is exactly how I felt in their Versailles Swimsuit and Mesh Beach Pants. I fell in love with this suit, the burgundy color was so rich and pretty. This was no simple one piece, the twist bandeau top was supportive even for the bustiest of women while remaining sexy. The ruching across the tummy and control panel gave me a nice slimming look.   

I've always use some kind of cover-up with my swimsuits but this time I wanted to jazz up my look and went with these amazing beach pants. The geometric mesh design was so different, so stylish and feminine with a edgy feel to them. Extremely soft, light weight and comfortable enough to wear on the hottest of days. Perfect to throw on to walk around the boardwalk or step into a restaurant for a quick drink. Despite an insecurities I had about my body or weight, it sure didn't stop me from being fabulous and strutting my stuff on the beach.

Swimsuit & Beach Pants //Kimono Top (similar)

How did you spend your July 4th?

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love that swimsuit and the color! !!!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful 4th - and you look great in that swimsuit. Hope you have fun rocking it all summer long.


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