Color Me Custom

Color Me Custom

Hi Lovies!!

Having your clothing custom made is such a pleasure, not only because the piece is one of a kind but it's made to your exact measurements. So the fit is going to be near perfect, which is something you don't often get when purchasing from a store. Now having clothes custom made can become pricey but I think there are some staple pieces that are worth having custom. When I first saw one of the Lion Hunter's custom skirts was on my girl Georgette from Grown and Curvy Woman. It was gorgeous, the colors and pattern was just perfection. I immediately went to her Etsy shop to check out more of her custom skirts. She had other fantastic prints as well as some tutus. From that moment I knew I had to have her make me one for FFFweek. When I reached out to her, she was just about to go to the fabric store and would send me photos of what she bought. The following day she sent me a photo of 10 different fabrics she purchased. When I saw them I nearly fell out my chair, they were all absolutely beautiful, I literally wanted one in every pattern. But there was one pattern that stood out from the rest and that's the one I chose for my skirt.  

Skirt - Custom made by Mo from Lion Hunter//Top - ASOS Curve//Sandals (similar) - Old Navy

I provided Mo with my measurements and the length I wanted the skirt to be. I also asked if she could add pockets to the skirt, which she was more than happy to do. She got to work and finished making the skirt in time for FFFweek. When it arrived, I just stood in awe for a moment because it was 10x's more beautiful in person, the vibrant colors and pattern just demanded attention. The skirt fit me perfect and was made incredibly well, I was so happy with the outcome.

I knew I wanted the skirt to be the focus so I kept everything else simple. My bardot top added a hint of sexy with my exposed shoulders but didn't take away from the skirt. Along with my gold accessories which finished off the look.

Skirt - Custom made by Mo from Lion Hunter//Top - ASOS Curve//Sandals (similar) - Old Navy

Like what you see? Make sure to check out the fabulous Lion Hunter's blog as well as her Etsy shop "The TUTU Experience" to get your very own custom made skirt!

Thanks for reading!!!


  1. I agree with you, have some hand made clothes is amazing! You feel very unique when you wear them!
    Ah, your skirt is amazing!




  2. I love this skirt!!! I think I might be obsessed with it!

    1. You and me both! You should have totally gotten one made boo!


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