My Good Day NY Segment with Eloquii

My Good Day NY Segment with Eloquii

Hi Lovies!

Back in April, Eloquii reached out to me and 3 other women asking if we wanted to model their clothes for a Good Day NY segment. Of course I said yes, it's Eloquii, my fav plus size brand! After saying yes, I started to get nervous, I have never been on TV before. I pictured myself falling flat on my face as I walked down or just looking like a goofball in general. My blogger boo Georgette was one of the women asked, so we had each other for moral support. Luckily the segment wasn't being aired live so that eased the anxiety lol.

We had to be at the studio by 7:30am for hair and makeup which was super exciting since I never had my make-up done professionally. It was nice to be pampered and we all looked amazing when we were done. Then at around 9:45, they were ready for us and we all headed for the studio. When we walked in, it was just surreal, I watch GDNY every morning before work so it was definitely a thrill. The crew was very nice and explained to us how were to stand and walk down. We did a quick practice and then we had to get in position to shoot. Greg Kelly and Rosanna Scotto arrived and it was show time. The four of us stood behind a curtain and we were going to be called down individually as Jodi, the creative director for Eloquii, talked about each look. I was to go last so that gave me a little time to get my composure together, then I heard my name called. I took a deep breath and walked down with a huge smile. I just imagined myself just outside taking pics for the blog and that helped! Before I knew it, it was over and I could breathe again. Afterwards we got to take pics with Rosanna and Grey who were really nice in person. Then we headed back downstairs got get undressed and head out. Here are a few from the day...

Me and Georgette after we got our make-up done

Me dressed and ready to go!

 Me and Georgette all dolled up!

 Me with the other girls Erica and Maggie

All of us with Creative Director Jodi Arnold

And that's a wrap! 

I want to thank Sarah Conley and Eloquii for asking me to be a model and representing one of my favorite plus size brands. It was a wonderful opportunity and such an amazing day! To see the full segment just click on this link --->

Thanks for reading!!

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