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I Will Always Be Forever 21

As I've mentioned before, I work in the heart of Times Square. It can be a fun area to work but it hasn't been that fun on my wallet! If you know the area, you know that there's tons of stores. My favorite place to shop in Times Square is Forever 21 since my wardrobe consist of 80% of their clothing. They have one of the largest ones in New York City with 4 glorious floors of clothing. It's also the only location with the F21 Plus line, nicely placed on the 2nd floor. Their plus size line can also be found on the website and they usually have a lot more stuff there than in the actual store.

I love F21 because they always have fun, trendy and stylish fashions for great prices. Since I'm more of a dress wearing type of girl, this works in my favor. They have some of the cutest dresses and you usually won't pay no more than $28 for it. I would definitely try things on before purchasing because I've found that some of their stuff isn't true to size. But once you've found your right size, it's easy shopping from there! They also have some of the best jewelry, pretty much all my earrings are from there. The prices are incredible and the range of styles are endless, there's something for everyone. Here are some pics that I took of the store in Times Square.

To heel or not to heel? That is the question!

As much as I love heels and the way they can make any outfit look fantastic, I have come to terms that the Feet Gods did not bless me with heel wearing feet. Unfortunately I've been cursed with wide feet. Now don't get me wrong, I can do some heels, preferably in 1 to 3 in. heel range, some platform and a block or cone shape heel. I need a shoe with stability, anything higher than 3 inches can get tricky.

My style of dressing is very simple but elegant and most often doesn't require me to wear high heels but on occasion I might want to wear something that would look a lot prettier with a high heel shoe. Lucky enough I have discovered shoes from Torrid. I've been shopping here for years but never ventured into the world of their heels.

OOTD: Purplicious

I was shopping one day in the East River Mall where I live and decided to stop by the Old Navy store. I don't shop here as often as I use to because they haven't had many nice dresses in a while. But I happened to come across this pretty purple ruffle front dress and to my surprise it was on sale! I normally don't buy clothes in this color but in this style of dress I thought it looked so pretty. You could definitely dress it down with a pair of cute sandals or dress it up like I did here.

It's starting to get a little brisk here in NY so I wore my Black Crop cardigan also from Old Navy with my ASOS Curve Bow Waist Belt, Chandelier earrings and Croco Clutch from Forever 21. I accented it with my gold bangle that was gifted to me from Africa and my Rainbow Snakeskin Patterned Open Toe Heels from Torrid.

A Leopard in Times Square

Working in Times Square has it's ups and downs. My poor wallet will never be the same since I am walking distance from a huge Forever 21 store and to top it off they carry the F21 Plus line there! So of course I'm there pretty often. But yesterday I went down there with my son Ethan to finish buying his school supplies and have some dinner at Dallas BBQ's, one of his fav places to eat. Little did he know he was going to be my photographer for the day. After much protesting and griping, he managed to take these pics for me. He did a pretty good job lol.

I'm wearing my Leopard Secretary Blouse from Torrid, Faux suede button front skirt from F21, Bug Belt from ASOS Curve, Leopard Print Dante Sandal by Sam Edelman and I accented it with my vintage Coach shoulder bag, earrings from Fashion to Figure and my gifted Gold Bangle from Africa.

Fancy Friday

Since the summer is coming to an end so quickly, I've been trying to wear as many of my summer dresses as possible. I can dress pretty casual at my job, definitely not corporate attire required but I opted to wear this Turquoise and black chiffon dress from Forever21. I got lucky one day when I stopped by the F21 store by my job in Time Square. It was the only one there hanging on a rack of miscellaneous stuff from the plus size line. I believed it was a return because there wasn't any others around. So I immediately grabbed it and headed for the check out line. I paired it with my Black Patent Leather System Heels and belt from Torrid, along with Turquoise stone bracelet (gifted to me by my Beau for Mother's Day), Turquoise color earrings and Black Croco Clutch from F21. 

Material Girl

Yesterday I had the pleasure seeing  Madonna at Yankee Stadium. My BFF Jamie had an extra ticket and ask me to go! I haven't been to a concert since back in the 80's when I was obsessed with the Puerto Rican boy band called Menudo lol. So you can imagine my excitement! My first thought was "What am I going to wear?!".

I decided to wear my Floral Dress with Peter Pan Collar from Forever21. Its super comfortable and dainty looking. I added my ASOS Curve plate Detail Skinny Belt for some contrast and I paired it with my F21 earrings, Black chain clutch and my fav sandals that I bought at a local store.

Jamie is a huge fan of Madonna and has been to several of her concerts so she knows the ropes. She informed me that its best to get there around 9ish because Miss Madonna never starts on time and she was right! She didn't start til after 10pm! Our seats weren't the best but we could the see huge monitors pretty clearly. It was a cool experience and not only was it my first Madonna concert but my first time being in the new Yankee Stadium (not a sports fan). All in all it was a great night!

Feathering Heights

Since the weather report predicted a gloomy Labor Day, I decided I'd stay in. I did a bit of cleaning, washed a few loads of laundry, blogged, and even prepared some back to school stuff for my son Ethan who is entering the 11th grade. Towards the late afternoon I got a text from my friend Leslie asking me to meet her at El Paso Taqueria for some $6.00 margaritas. I'm a sucker for Mexican food and this is one our favorite spots in my neighborhood (Spanish Harlem), so obviously I couldn't say no!

The Highs and Lows

Sunday I met up with one of my besties Leslie after her shift at Stand 4 Restaurant. We decided to have a some Happy Hour drinks and some eats at one of my favorite spots Vapiano. I love this place, it's Italian cuisine and its a cafeteria style restaurant. You must try their Chicken Pesto Pizza!

OOTD: Flower Power

Saturday I was invited by my cousin Linda to a BBQ at her in-laws house. I love going to her husbands family house because his aunt sure knows how to throw a shindig! Since the summer is winding down, I've been trying to wear as many of the dresses that I bought before the weather starts to get cooler. So I opted for this ASOS Curve Summer Dress with cut out waist. It's an adorable, fun and playful dress with such great color. The middle of the dress has this beautiful cut out waist that gives it the perfect amount of delicacy. I accented it with my Fossil flower straw bag, a pair of  F21 earrings, my fav Islamic Stone Necklace from Metropolitan Museum of Art Store (I use to work there ^_^) and my beige sandals from a local store.

A Stroll Through The Park

Yesterday was such a beautiful day out and unfortunately I spent the majority of it at work. But I decided after work I would take my dog Skittles out for a stroll in Central Park. I am very lucky to live only 5 blocks away from the park. I also called my niece April, who is also a fabulous photographer (check out her website) to join me for my stroll. To my surprise, April had her camera with her and was kind enough to take a few shots of my outfit yesterday....oh yea and Skittles too! 

The dress I'm wearing is from Forever21 Plus and I am loving it! The beautiful sequins on the top makes this dress look so elegant, yet I'm still able to dress it down if necessary. A great day to night piece The skirt part of the dress is adorable and super flouncy. It made me want to twirl around all day! I added my favorite gold turtle belt from (available here), along with my Python sling back platforms from Torrid (ebay score!) and accented the outfit with my a pair of Forever 21 earrings and my Python design bangle from Mango.

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