Stripes and Denim

Stripes and Denim

Hi Lovies!

Since my experience with wearing something not "plus size appropriate", I have been pushing myself to wear more things that "society" thinks plus size women shouldn't wear. When I wore that Wet Look Skater Skirt the other day (see post here), it was an eye opener. I couldn't believe how many people, mostly women, who were giving me the evil hater side eye. You would of thought that I was walking the street naked, and all I was showing was some leg...sheesh! Anyway, I digress, take this experience and turn it into something positive! Like STRIPES! Yes, you heard right! The old "plus size women shouldn't wear horizontal stripes" rule. That is absolute bull crap and to prove it, I had to go and wear my Striped Skater Dress.

I came across this dress one day when I had to kill some time waiting for a friend. I was walking around and ran into a Strawberry's, of course I went in and to my luck this location carried a Jr plus size section. A lot of the stuff was a bit scary but then I ran into this little gem for the mere price of $22. I adore this dress and the way it fits me, love that it has horizontal stripes on the top and diagonal ones on the bottom. The little red belt added just the right amount of color and made it even more dainty looking. 

Since this weather is so erratic, I wore my denim moto jacket from Kohl's LC Lauren Conrad line . This is not a plus size jacket but they carry up to XL which they consider 16/18. It's really cute and the price was good as well (it's currently on sale). Here's a link to their jacket shop (see here), they have an array of styles that are wallet friendly as well as stylish and trendy.

Since the dress had a red belt, I went with a red  theme for the accessories and added my black wedges from Forever 21.

Oufit Deets
Dress - Strawberry's//Jacket - Kohl's//Bag - ASOS//Necklace, Bracelets & Shoes - Forever

What kind of stripes are you wearing?

Until next time Lovies!

~ La Pecosa Preciosa

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