Spikes, Studs and Chains

Spikes, Studs and Chains

If you follow my blog, you know that I am a girlie girl when it comes to my wardrobe. I don't own any sporty or menswears looking pieces, not even sneakers. My most casual footwear would be Uggs. But I've been drawn to the whole sneaker wedge trend because it's sporty yet still girly enough for me. I've seen a bunch of different ones but none have caught my eye until I saw a pair on the lovely Jeka from the blog La Maison Deux on her instagram page. I inquired about them and wasn't surprised when she informed me that she purchased them from ASOS.com. I immediately went looking for them but unfortunatley they only had them available in the grey color and I wanted black. But I was vigilant and kept checking everyday in hopes that they would pop up again and low and behold they did!!

I adore the whole studs and spike trend, so the fact that the sneakers had that on the side made them even more chic. I took advantage of this and wore 2 other pieces from ASOS.com, my Dip Back Top with Studdes Shoulders and Leggings with Geo Print Panel. I felt like Pinhead from Hellraiser with this top on but I loved it, got many compliments on it. the print on the leggings reminded me of a kaleidoscope design with the pretty purple and geometric shapes.

I paired the outfit with my Sag Harbor Bag, and studded belt from Forever 21 along with my studded bow bracelet, Spiked Necklace also from Forever 21 and Silver Drop earrings from H&M.

Top - (similar) ASOS Curve //Leggings - ASOS Curve//Wedge Sneakers (light grey version)- ASOS//Bag - Sag Harbor//Necklace and Bracelet - Forever 21// Earrings - H&M

Until next time Lovies!

~ La Pecosa Preciosa


  1. Precioso vestido. Bss.

  2. This hardware look really suits you. Love your blog :)

    Maria Speaks Prada

  3. Estan bonitos, yo no soy muy fan de los sneakers pero si me gusta verlo en los demas :) tus leggins me encantaron


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