La Pecosa Preciosa

The Colored Jeans Plunge

I normally don't fall into too many trends because they come and go and I like a more classic look. But there are some trends that are hard to pass up. As most of us know, since last spring colored jeans have become super trendy and I've been keeping my eye out for a pair that I might actually want to take the plunge with. On my daily ritual of browsing my favorite sites every morning, I came across these Colored Stretchy Skinny Jeans from Forever 21. I read the reviews and every one seemed to really like them, as far as how they fit, color consistency, etc. Plus they were only $19.80! So I decided to go for it and purchased the fuchsia and light blue color. 

Sunday Blues

I use to think my favorite color was brown but as I look at my wardrobe recently I have an awful lot of blue. I'm attracted to any shade of blue, especially the color turquoise. If I could dress up everyday I would, but in all reality I hardly get to wear my fancy, dressy clothing. Most of the time I dress pretty casual unless the occasion calls for otherwise. Even for work I can dress pretty relaxed if I want. This is a perfect example of a casual and simple outfit.

All Black Everything

So many of us women, plus size and straight size, love to dress in black It's a classic, elegant and quintessential color. It makes us full figured women look slimmer and it's also a blank canvas for us fashionistas to accessorize and turn it into a masterpiece. Now for me, I enjoy color in my wardrobe, but from time to time I will retreat back to an all back ensemble like the one I wore Saturday.

Neons and Denim

Sundays are usually laid back, relaxed days for me and my outfits usually reflect that. Last Sunday I wanted to wear something comfortable and casual but with a pop of color. So I went with my Denim Shirt from Old navy, along with my Neon Yellow Boyfriend Cardigan for my pop of color and Black Leggings for comfort-ability both from Forever 21.

Pretty in Polka Dot

So as many of you know, polka dot has become very trendy. I've been wanting to buy something with polka dots but haven't come across anything that caught my eye. Until one day, when I was browsing in Old Navy and spotted this Polka Dot Chiffon Shirt Dress.

Tigers and Tribal Print

When it comes to leggings, I normally keep it simple and stay away from bold prints. But when I saw these Tribal leggings on sale at Forever 21, I decided to give it a whirl. I had them for a while because I didn't know what to wear them with, until I saw this great Tiger Graphic Top last week while I was browsing in the Times Square Forever 21.

Spring Cleaning and eBay

Like a month ago I decided to thin out my wardrobe. I have way too many clothes that I no longer wear and are taking up way too much space in my closet preventing me from buying new stuff! I donated some stuff, I gave some of it my niece and the rest I decided to sell. At first, I went to and opened up a shop to try it out. Unfortunately, I didn't get any buyers, so I went back to my old faithful

Don't Sleep on Pay/Half

I realized that I  am drawn to anything black and white. I have alot of it in my wardrobe and enjoy wearing it. It's a classic and clean look which is my style of dressing. But there's something about silver accessories that always make a black and white outfit for me. I got this dress from Pay/Half and wish they had it in other colors because it is such a cute, simple dress and the price was under $25. I decided to take one more pic by my tree because it is coming down this weekend. I will have to brave the cold and retreat to taking pics in our communal terrace. 

Twerking over Tweed

One of my very first purchases from Torrid was this Charcoal Tweed Peplum Tank Dress. I was a little leery at first since it was my first time purchasing anything from Torrid. But became an instant fan when the dress arrived. It fit me perfectly, the dress was true to size and it was made so well. Obviously I've been a fan of peplum for a while even before it became so trendy.

Snake skin and Shoulder Pads

When I first got this Ponte Contrast Pencil Skirt Dress from ASOS Curve, I wasn't sold on it. I've never worn a dress that length before or anything with shoulder pads, but I loved the look of the dress. I normally prefer my dresses right above the knee or higher, I just like the way they look on me better. I was indecisive about shortening the dress, so it sat in my closet for a while. During this time I kept seeing a lot of pencil skirts and dresses in my favorite stores and how pretty the length looked on other women. So I decided to step out of my comfort zone and give it a whirl!

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