SWAK Designs: Valentine's Date Night Style

SWAK Designs: Valentine's Date Night Style

Hi Lovies,

It's hard to believe that January is almost over, it went just as quickly as it came. Now February is knocking on our doors and it's bringing along all things Valentine's Day. Besides the usual chocolates, flowers and jewelry being advertised every where you look, there is also Valentine's Day style. So I was super excited to be collaborating with SWAK Designs and their Valentine's Day Date Look feature. We were asked to put date looks together using some of our favorite swak styles. It was very hard to choose which pieces I wanted to style, there was so many great pieces. But I finally made my choices and couldn't be happier with the looks I put together. Since Valentine's Day is on a Friday this year, I wanted to put together looks that you could wear to work and easily transition into a night out with that special someone. Hope you enjoy them!

Blazer - Forever 21//Top (here), Dress (here) & Belt (here) - SWAK//Shoes - Target

Blazer - Forever 21// Top (here) & Jeans (here)//Boots - Rampage

Cardigan (here) & Dress (here) - SWAK//Belt - Forever 21//Boots - Jessica Simpson

Photo by April Pabon

To get these pieces and see some of my other lovely blogger gals looks, click on the link below!


Until next time lovies!

~ La Pecosa Preciosa


  1. I actually saw your looks on SWAK's website before I saw your blog post. I really love these types of blog posts where you design an outfit based around a theme. I've been thinking a lot too about what I want to wear for Valentine's Day, and your looks have definitely given me some ideas. I really like the red, black, and leopard combo. It says "hottie" more than "sweetie", and I like that about it. I also love, love, love the floral print on the back of that red cardi. It's such a surprising feature and adds a sweeter, feminine touch to an otherwise bold, sassy color. So fun!


    1. Thanks sweetie! Yea SWAK has some really great pieces and the cardigan you mentioned is really nice, its actually a lace floral back, you can see through it!

  2. the look I love the most is the first one :-)

    Love, Ylenia from Longuette


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